10 Questions to Help You Choose the Best Honeymoon Destination for You

Choosing the right honeymoon destination for you can be a daunting task. There are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of places that you can choose for your trip-of-a-lifetime with your new husband or wife! Do you want a first-class romantic jaunt to Italy or Greece or a non-stop adventure in Bali or Costa Rica? Do you want to head on a South Africa safari or relax in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora or the Maldives? Or would you rather just relax with a piña colada in hand at an all-inclusive in the Caribbean? I’m here to help you decide which is the best fit for you – and your soon-to-be husband or wife!

Remember those magazine quizzes that helped you figure out what superlative described you best or which Backstreet Boy you were most likely to end up with? I don’t know about you guys, but I always loved turning the page of Seventeen Magazine and seeing what my “future” held! So, recently, I got to thinking… what if I created one to help Jetsetters dream up their ideal honeymoon destination?

Kenny and I had the time of our lives on our honeymoon in Italy (aaaand the one in The Maldives… yes, we went on a ‘pre-honeymoon’ after postponing our wedding for the third time because of the pandemic! Because the Maldives were open (with rigorous testing requirements, and we figured, if we can’t have our wedding, we can at least still have our honeymoon!). But, anyway, back to my point, what was the best trip ever for us and our ideal honeymoon may not be your perfect cup of tea. Every couple is different, and has different priorities when it comes to their dream trip. You deserve a destination that fits as perfectly as you two do together!

So, without further ado, here are ten where to go on your honeymoon quiz questions to help you choose the best honeymoon destination for you (along with a few of my Jetset travel guides for each place!).

Jetset Christina’s Travel Guides for Your Ideal Honeymoon

Now that you know where you’re going, it’s time to plan the trip of a lifetime! Check out my guides for each destination, below. And if you need any other tips, feel free to search through more of my posts, DM me on Instagram, or join the Jetsetters Facebook Group (if you haven’t already!! The recs on there are endless!). 

Bora Bora

The Maldives



And if you can’t decide between Italy and Greece, here are my tips to help you choose where to travel first!


ICYMI – Kenny and I actually used to live in Bali, so it has a special place in our hearts!! We have endless recs for this destination, so feel free to reach out or do a deep dive through my past posts!



Ohhhhh, Mexico! Sorry, I had to!! If you follow me on IG… you know. 😂 



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