5 Big Ways to Save Money On Your Trip to Bora Bora

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If you guys read my post on the exact costs of a week vacation in Bora Bora, you know already that a trip to this swoon-worthy dream destination does not come cheap. But, the good news is that there are easy ways to save (a lot) on a trip to Bora Bora if you’re smart about it. Here are some of the ways I recommend saving money while on a trip to French Polynesia!

5 Ways to Save Money When Traveling to Bora Bora

1. Use credit card points for your trip!

We used mostly credit card points from our Chase Rewards Sapphire Card for our Bora Bora trip (the hotels and the flights), which was so awesome to basically only have to worry about the food and drinks!  When paying for travel, we always use credit cards that offer travel rewards, like bonus points on airfare, hotels, and of course lounge access. 


2. Pack some of your own wine

Each person traveling to Bora Bora or anywhere in French Polynesia is allowed to fly with 2 L of liquor or wine – meaning 3 bottles each. Definitely take advantage of that! I always pack wine in my checked bag – it’s a great excuse to open some of my favorite wines, and I always end up associating them with the trips I drink them on – which I love!! For our trip to Bora Bora, we packed 6 bottles of our own wine, and drank them in our bungalow! If you’re lucky enough to be staying at the Four Seasons, they have themost to-die-for sets of wine glasses in your suite – like 4 different kinds, for different varietals. Gotta love the attention to detail.

Also be sure to use these wine sleeves so the bottles don’t break in your bag! I reuse them over and over.

3. Go into town and stock up on snacks, beer, soda, and wine

Don’t pay resort prices for silly things like sodas, beer or even a little cheese plate. Besides bringing your own wine, you should also head into town and get some provisions, too! If you stop for a night in Tahiti, make sure you stop at the grocery store or liquor store there! There’s also no liquid rules on inner-island flights, so you can carry on extra wine and beer you buy there! The grocery store in Tahiti, Bora Bora or Moorea has a ton of French delicacies, and it was super easy and affordable to stock up on goodies. 

4. Consider a less expensive resort, or an airbnb!

One resort that makes it easy to save big is the Intercontinental Le Moana that is on the mainland of Bora Bora island. Bungalows here are more like $600-$800 a night, but where you’ll really save is on the food since it’s easy to go into town and eat in the restaurants in town. 

In Moorea, you can also stay in an Airbnb and go to the resorts on a day pass (The Hilton day pass includes lunch, too! Check with them for availability on this)

5. Order room service!

Surprisingly, at the top resorts, it’s actually less expensive to order room service than eat at the restaurants. You can read more about the exact costs per resort here, but I definitely recommend getting room service a few of your nights for dinner! It’s romantic, and you can eat dinner in your robes looking up at all of the stars from your bungalow!

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