Our 10-day Italy Honeymoon Itinerary – the Amalfi Coast & Sardinia!

As you guys know if you’ve been following on Instagram, my husband Kenny and I FINALLY got to have the wedding of our dreams this summer, and my goodness was it all worth the wait. Partying in paradise in Maui with all of our loved ones everything we could have dreamt of, and so much more.

From the beginning of my wedding planning, the HONEYMOON was always one of the most important parts of the wedding to me. And when we were first deciding where to honeymoon, we actually initially chose the Maldives! But, what happened was, with our second wedding postponement in late 2020, although we couldn’t have our big destination wedding in Hawaii, the Maldives WERE open and accepting tourists, with rigorous testing requirements, so Kenny and I decided that Covid had taken enough from us, and we weren’t going to let it take the honeymoon. So, we cancelled the wedding, but kept the honeymoon and went on a pre-honeymoon to the Maldives before we were married. And it was everything. But then that begged the question, where were we going to go for the ACTUAL honeymoon? 

And though we had the best time in the Maldives on a much-needed vacation, there really is nothing like the actual honeymoon, the feeling of celebrating your MARRIAGE and relaxing / adventuring somewhere dreamy together after your wedding. Honeymooning is such an amazing once-in-a-lifetime time of life, and I wanted ours to be really special, and really US.

We chose Italy because we knew it had everything we wanted in a honeymoon – beautiful coast, good food, good wine, and allll the la dolce vita energy that we needed after the hecticness that was planning a wedding in a pandemic. 

We decided to honeymoon in Amalfi, Capri, and Sardinia, for our Italian honeymoon because to us, those three would make for the perfect honeymoon blend of relaxing and adventure together… in one of the most beautiful areas of the world.

In Amalfi, our first stop, we knew we could go full honeymoon-relax-mode. Think: endless spritzes and bellinis seaside while we relished in all of our wedding memories together. We’d spend long days floating in the Mediterranean, getting oh-so-bronzed, and ending the day with room service, red wine, hotel robes, or going to adorable family-run Italian bistros overlooking the coast — where we’d of course indulge in seemingly-endless bowls of homemade linguines and burrata raviolis. 


We’d boat over to Positano for the day, of course, and meander the colorful streets and beautiful views, working up an appetite before stopping for a delicious lunch (and bellinis) before settling into one of the dreamiest beach clubs we could have ever imagined for the afternoon.

Wearing our matching lemon outfits for Positano!

We knew Capri, where we headed next, would be our luxest, most lavish, honeymoon spot. We’d stay in a hotel we had only dreamed about, and soak up every second. We would spend our days winding our way around the island, shopping in the many boutiques, and talking about which of the beautiful Italian potteries we were going to buy for our future home together. On other days, we’d post up at the world-famous Fontelina beach club, sipping on bubbles and getting lost in our novels in-between jumps into the sea. We’d meet and chat with wealthy Capri socialites, who summered there every year, and we’d hear that Katy Perry and J. Lo were both in town (although we didn’t see them!). 

On the final leg of Sardinia, we knew it would nothing but adventure. Beach-hopping around a stunning island and exploring somewhere neither of us had been before sounded like just what the doctor ordered. We’d hop on a vespa, explore the towns, and stop at every beach we could, taking in the crystal-clear, sparkling Sardinian sea in all of its perfection. 

We loved that Amalfi and Capri would all ultra-luxe, European relaxation but we also wanted to bring in the island of Sardinia to our honeymoon have some of the tropical beach adventures that you know Kenny and I both love. We couldn’t imagine our honeymoon without somewhere tropical!!!!!

If that itinerary sounds as relaxing and fun to you as it did to us (both in our dreams and in reality), then this honeymoon itinerary is for you! Here are ALL of the exact details of everything we got up to in Italy, and all of my best recommendations and Jetset tips for you, so you all can create your dream Italy honeymoon, too!!

Our 10-day Italy honeymoon itinerary

3 nights Amalfi

3 nights Capri

4 nights Sardinia

Other options/things to note: I get more into this later in the post, but I would also recommend Ravello, we had just went on our last trip to Italy, so we didn’t prioritize it this trip, but I do highly recommend it if you haven’t been. If you were to work Ravello into this itinerary, I might do 2-3 nights Amalfi, 2 nights Ravello, 3 nights Capri, 3-4 nights Sardinia. 

Table of Contents


We decided to kick off our honeymoon in Amalfi at a hotel we knew we loved and could fully relax in post-wedding. 

Where we stayed: Hotel Santa Caterina, Amalfi

Hotel Santa Caterina is one of my very favorite hotels in the world, and where we decided to stay for our honeymoon. It is full of Italian charm, seaside views, and mediterranean magic. You’re not going to want to leave the hotel, especially with their to-die-for seaside beach club. But if you do, you’re just a 10-minute walk away from the center of Amalfi, where you can take ferries anywhere around the Amalfi Coast!

Hotel Santa Caterina is world-famous and has so much character and history of being a celebrity and old-Hollywood favorite for decades.

BTW: rumor has it that Santa Cat is where Brangelina started their affair!! SCANDALOUS. #teamJen. 


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Where we ate in Amalfi:

Mostly, at the hotel! Our first couple days in Italy, we wanted to do nothing but relax, sun, and enjoy the gorgeous hotel. The room service is amazing, and there’s a Michelin star restaurant on property called Glicine Restaurant. There’s also another bistro, too. Do not miss the pizza by the pool, it’s some of the best I’ve had in Italy!!!!

Wine & hotel robes after a room service dinner. Honeymooning at its best.

But when you feel like venturing out of the hotel, you MUST MUST MUST go to my favorite restaurant in the Amalfi Coast, Da Ciccio.

We first found this family-run restaurant a few years ago, and returning here was easily a highlight of our honeymoon. The food is incredible, there is a gorgeous view of the coast (get there before sunset, and have a cocktail or bellini on the terrace before your meal!) and it is run by 4 brothers, who all have a different role within the restaurant (chef, waiters, manager, and one of their wives is the pastry chef!). It’s the perfect family-run Italian restaurant of your dreams, and their food is to DIE FOR. 

My order: the fresh raw fish with avocado mousse and ricotta cannoli, and DEFINITELY their famous ‘paper bag’ clam pasta. And of course limoncello for dessert! Oh my god you guys this place is so good I can’t even write about it. I’m getting too hungry thinking about it. I’ll leave you with these pictures instead. GO HERE!!! 



Should we stay in Positano or Amalfi?

You can also choose to stay in Positano versus Amalfi. They’re very different. While Positano is one of the most stunning places on earth, it can be very crowded and hectic. I DEFINITELY recommend visiting whether or not you stay in Positano, but we decided to stay in Amalfi but visit Positano for the day, in order to feel tucked away in our own world at Hotel Santa Caterina. That being said, this was totally a personal decision for this specific trip, and I could see us going right back and doing Positano next trip! It can be fun to be in the center of the Positano action! If you stay in Positano, I recommend the world-famous Le Sirenuse, which is one of the most pristine, beautifully-designed hotels in the world, or, if budget is no object, the breathtaking Il San Pietro Di Positano – one of the few hotels in Positano with sea access!!

Should we stay in Ravello or Amalfi?

Ravello is one of my favorite places in the world and I would highly recommend going up there for a day and spending one night or two! Ravello is located closer to Amalfi than any other town in the Amalfi Coast, about 30 minutes up a steep hill (take a taxi, not the bus!).

Choosing to stay in Ravello would cut into your Amalfi time, so if you don’t feel like moving around too much, then I would just go for the day, but if you have time, I definitely recommend staying a night or two! The only reason we chose to stay in Amalfi vs. Ravello was that we had recently done Ravello, and we wanted to be on the water (Kenny and I love to spend allll day sunning and in the water, so it was the right choice for us!) However, if you’d rather be up in the hillsides looking out onto the water, and care less about being IN the sea, it could be a great option for you. Ideally, I would do 2 nights in Ravello at the Belmond Hotel Caruso, 2 nights at the Hotel Santa Caterina if it were me. Or potentially 3 in the Santa Caterina and just one in Ravello (you really don’t need TOO much time, but it is nice to have a night to fully relax up there). Of course, if you have two weeks in Italy or more time, or you want to cut into another leg of this honeymoon itinerary, I would definitely recommend more time, too! It just depends on what appeals to you and your new spouse the most!

This picture is from the Belmond Hotel Caruso in Ravello


On one of our days in Amalfi, we spent the day in Positano, boating over there on a private boat through our hotel (it was about 150 euros, welllll worth it over the ferry!!!!!). Immediately, we went to the beach to get the best beach chairs where we could post up for the day.

Wearing our matching Positano swimsuits from Kenny Flowers

JETSET TIP: Head past the main public beach to Scogliera Beach Club, a super-chic beach club at the end of Positano Beach, offering up the BEST views in Positano. Make a reservation ahead of time, because it does sell out. Ask for seat 210 (where we sat – the best views in the house!) and tell them @JetsetChristina sent you! 

Chairs run from 60 euro-200 euro per chair depending on their location! But I think it is well worth it for the best views and a more upscale beach club. The other nice part about this beach club was that we could leave our stuff while we explored during the day, and come and go as we pleased (versus if you have your stuff on the public beach, you wouldn’t be able to do that). 

We left our stuff and roamed around Positano, shopping and stopping for lunch at La Sponda at Le Sirenuse hotel. This was easy to make a reservation through the Santa Caterina (they are both members of Small Luxury Hotels of the World so I think have a relationship with each other). I’ve heard that it’s nearly impossible to get a reservation normally so I would definitely ask your hotel to reserve it for you. It was SO BEAUTIFUL. The best lunch with views in Positano. Also, you can go for a drink to their (stunning) bar Franco’s Bar, but it’s only open from 6pm on and there’s always a line – get there at 5:40 or so and you’ll be golden for the best sunset view in all of Positano! 


We then stayed until nearly sunset at the beach club before catching a water taxi back to the hotel (we didn’t organize this one ahead of time, it was easy to do at the port on the day of! but I’d do it earlier in the day so you have one reserved). It was about 150 euros again. And just nicer & more convenient than the ferry when it came to getting back to Amalfi after a long day. They dropped us directly at our hotel!


How we got to Capri from Amalfi:

We took the ferry which was super easy. We organized it through our hotel, and it took about an hour. Once you get to Capri, your hotel will meet you to grab your bags and give you a funicular ticket and a map to the hotel (you’ll ride the funicular up to the top of Capri while they make their way to the hotel with your bags). Then you wind your way through the pedestrian-only center of Capri to the hotel to check in!

Where we stayed in Capri: Punta Tragara

Located at the top of the steps leading down to the Faraglioni rockstacks and Fontelina/Da Luigi beach bars, we decided on Punta Tragara because it’s a chic contemporary luxury hotel built right into the cliffs of Capri – with each of its suites featuring unmatched island views. The beautiful pink architecture exudes romance, and the rooftop pool is just a dream.


What we did in Capri:

La Fontelina Beach Club

La Fontelina is a must on any trip to Capri. It’s where all the celebs and yachties go, and for good reason. It’s the PLACE TO BE on Capri. You must make a reservation, and during high season there is a 3-day minimum for reservations, but honestly, it’s worth it, even if you don’t go all three days! (But you’ll likely want to go all three days).

Wearing this Fontelina-inspired print linen cover up shirt in size XL for an oversized fit, and this lemon bikini!

Belvedere Cannone Viewpoint 

This is hands down my favorite view in Europe. Follow the signs from the main town to Belvedere Cannone and take the ~25 minute hike to the top, where you’ll get to experience this unbelievable panorama of Capri.

Via Krupp

Another great stone hiking path originally laid out on the island in 1902! It features majestic views that you won’t get anywhere else! Ask your hotel to lead you to where it starts! It takes you from the top of the island all the way down to the water so don’t forget your swim suit!

The Blue Grotto

It’s on every traveler’s bucket list to see the unbelievably blue water in Capri’s famous grotto. Pictured here, but unreal in real life. Tours will take you on a gondola into the cave. I’d recommend a private boat tour that also takes you around the other parts of the island, too! 

Blue Grotto cave, Capri, Italy --- Image by © Rainer Hackenberg/Corbis

My tour rec: 




Where We Ate in Capri

The center of the island is very small and definitely full of eager italian waiters who would love to have you sit outside of their restaurant, so take your pick. We ate at a few different delicious local eateries, each time just walking around, looking at menus and meeting people until we found one we decided on.

For fine dining in Capri, look no further than Da Tonino – a beautiful Italian and seafood restaurant that pulls out all the stops when it comes to making this the most memorable meal of your trip.

Pizza Aurora 

One pizza place in particular sticks out to me that we went to in Capri – I still dream of their pizza and truffle pasta. It’s right off the square so if you’re in Capri, eat here and think of me!

18-20 Via Fuorlovado, Island of Capri

Terraza Brunella

Spectacular views and a delish selection of local dishes and seafood made with high quality ingredients. Love this spot.

Da Emilia Alla Curtiglia

Anacapri is like Capri’s cool little sister. It is a TOTALLY different feel from Capri (more understated, casual) and is super cute and fun to explore. Take a quick 10 minute taxi over, and be sure to go around sunset time as the sunsets on this side of the island are SPECTACULAR! I recommend this restaurant for sunset dinner.


Other Amalfi Coast recs for your honeymoon:

Hire a photographer with Flytographer! It’s an easy way to have some absolutely epic photos from your honeymoon! And you can get a discount if you book through this link with the code JETSET.


Kenny and I knew we’d want to live la dolce vita on The Amalfi Coast, but we also craved a little adventure as a part of our Italy honeymoon – somewhere we hadn’t been before but had seen dreamy photos of (photos that always looked too good to be true). The island of Sardinia. This jewel of the Mediterranean intrigued us big time, especially since no one we knew had even been there before. What WAS this hidden gem of an island tucked between Spain and Italy?! We had to find out. 

Although Sardinia has long been a favorite summer destination for the European jet-set and yachty crowd, few people outside of Europe know it exists (which is probably how the Italians want to keep it, LOL). Famous for its gorgeous beaches and sparkling, crystal-clear azure waters, and ravishing natural beauty, Sardinia has it all. It’s a little like if Spain, Italy, and the British Virgin Islands had an island baby. 


The culture here on Sardinia is Italian at its core, but more rustic and stripped back. Though it’s highly sought-after by the world’s elite, it’s actually not glitzy and glam in the least (at least not when comparing it to somewhere like Capri). Sardinia is more rustic, more naturally beautiful, and highly understated. The people here don’t come to be seen, or be a part of the scene, they come to get away, to have a nice vacation with their loved ones. It seemed like to us, sometimes people go to a place like Capri or a Positano to show off a little, whereas you go to a place like Sardinia for yourself.

The people who come to Sardinia are hardly ever first-timers. They summer here, every year, and honestly, I’m pretty jealous of them. Sardinia is a paradise island that grabs your heart and blows your mind, and makes you want to return year after year.


How to get to Sardinia from the Amalfi Coast:

Take the ferry from Capri to Naples and then fly directly from Naples to Olbia, Sardinia on EasyJet airlines. The travel day was pretty seamless and easy! It was ~ an hour flight. 

Where we stayed in Sardinia: 

Villa Del Golfo

This was our choice of where to stay in Sardinia. Villa Del Golfo was so cute and a perfect home base for what we wanted on this leg of the trip. We toyed with the Uber-bougie Cala di Volpe (where we did get lunch one of the days to see what it was all about) but are definitely glad we went with the (slightly) less expensive hotel (but bigger, nicer room) since Sardinia is more about exploring and less of a destination where you’re spending all the time at the hotel! 

The service was fabulous. They are not located directly on the beach but you don’t really need to be in Sardinia since all the best beaches aren’t hotel beaches! They also helped us get an amazing vespa rental for our whole trip, delivered right to the front of the hotel, which was a FAB way to see the island (you can also opt for an electric car). It’s located in the cute Canggione neighborhood and there were lots of restaurants within walking distance!

Check rates for your dates here

Gallery image of this property

Baglioni Puntaldia Sardinia

This hotel just opened (after we went!) and it’s a Leading Hotel of the World, and I have no doubt INCREDIBLE! I would definitely look into it now that it’s open for a luxury hotel in Sardinia. The 78 spacious suites and rooms are all bright and modern, furnished in a minimal style. All rooms have a balcony or a terrace, which either overlook the garden or the sea. Read more about the hotel & check rates for your dates here.

tavolara sardinia baglioni hotel & resorts

Photo via Excellence Magazine

Also hot tip: If you’re not traveling until 2023, there is a new Rosewood hotel opening up in Sardinia that I think is going to be an incredible hotel option, too.

What we did in Sardinia:

Boated round the Maddalena Islands

The Maddalena Islands are a MUST on any trip to Sardinia. This boat day was easily the highlight of our trip, and maybe even the whole honeymoon! We used this company – they were amazing! They set us up with an amazing lunch AND aperitifs, and endless prosecco and Sardinian wine and beer! They took us around to a bunch of the best spots and it was just the most relaxing, best day. Could not recommend it more. 

Beach-Hopped Around the Island

There are so many beaches to see on the Costa Smeralda, and even more if you’re willing to drive further down to the middle of the island. We stuck to what was nearby and had the best time! I’d recommend stopping at a market and stocking up on some sodas, snacks, rosé and supplies (this is very common in Sardinia as some of the more remote beaches don’t have restaurants) and heading to Cappricioli Beach first. There are five different beaches at Cappricioli so check them all out and then plop down at one. Warning, it can definitely get crowded here so go early and on a weekday!

After, head to more beaches. Some other favorites are Spaggia Rena Bianca, Spaggia di Cala Coticcio, Porto Istana

Beach Clubbed for the day

We loved White Beach Club at Liscia Ruja and found it to be the perfect place to base for the day. The lunch is pricey here but really good (Kenny’s fav of the trip!) It’s a scene of yachties, for sure. And White Beach Club was def slightly snobby (make a reservation before you go!) but comes with the territory.

There’s also Nikki Beach Sardinia, which we didn’t get to during our trip but is supposed to be a fun scene too! (It’s one of my favorites in St. Tropez!)

Rented a vespa to take around the island

We did this directly through our hotel. You can also rent an electric car through them if vespa-ing scares you!


Our favorite restaurants in Sardinia:

Agriturismo La Colti – an AMAZING dinner spot and super authentic, full of locals. We loved this place. Very meat-heavy so not a good place for vegetarians. Probably our most memorable meal in Sardinia.

Brezza Di Mare – just a walk down the street from Villa Del Golfo – this place was INCREDIBLE. Order the mustard-encrusted tuna & a bottle of Sardinian wine. We loved this place so much we went twice.

Cala Di Volpe – possibly the best bellini of my life at lunch here. There’s a very fancy, very pricey price fixe lunch or you can sit at the bar area and have drinks/less expensive lunch items! There’s also a Matsuhisa for amazing sushi but it’s only open for dinner!

La Randa – for authentic Italian cooking in a cute little neighborhood restaurant, look no further.

What we wore! Our Italy honeymoon outfits:

Shop our matching honeymoon swimsuits here

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Wearing this dress above in size S, one of my fav dresses I brought on my honeymoon

THE JETSET WHITE LINEN WOMEN'S PANTS the best women’s white linen pants!!!!!!

love this linen dress for Italy – so comfy!!!! and not see through!

Zimmermann Printed Pareo

And this two piece set! 

Teya Linen Two Piece, zoom image 0



Petites Tagliatelle Linen Dress, image 1

MINKPINK Al Fresco Midi Dress in Picnic Print

L*SPACE Coast Is Clear Top in Cream

Cinq a Sept Midi Ellah Skirt in White

Rails Crystal Mini Dress in Lake Stripe

and thinking of what to pack him for Italy? this “La Dolce Vita’ terry set is a must!

Obsessed with these Capri print swimsuits

8 Other Reasons Straw Tote in Tan Tony Bianco Ruby Mule in Tan Como

 Larroude Chloe Sandal in Beige

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Velvet Canyon A La Plage in Eco Tort

Prada Raffia tote bag 1 A.L.C. Monica Dress in Vitality Blue & White Frank & Eileen Rory Woven Long Dress in Blue End On End

Obsessed with these sunnies. They do free easy returns so I love this site for trying and buying new sunglasses!

Kenny rocking the Nauti Lobster swim trunks and the Sol Searcher white beach linen shirt!

I also wore The Seychelles bikini a TON on this trip – it matches the water so well!

Wearing the tie-front Positano bandeau bikini, with matching headband, and this white skirt in size S!

Wearing the Fontelina long sleeve linen – the design is inspired by Fontelina Beach Club on Capri! I’m wearing Kenny’s men’s Large here! Gotta love getting your husband a shirt that you can wear it as a cover up for yourself, am I right?!



Tony Bianco Ruby Mule in Tan Como Lovers and Friends x Jetset Christina Farrah Midi Dress in Fuchsia Pink Lovers and Friends x Jetset Christina Easy Breezy Maxi Dress in Yellow

Don’t forget a good power converter!

And a hair tool that will actually work in Europe! 

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