Virtual Bachelorette Party Ideas & Ways to Make A Postponed Bachelorette Party Weekend Special

Dealing with having to postpone a wedding because of coronavirus, and then on top of it postpone a bachelorette party that you were looking forward to with all your girls, is the absolute worst. But there are some very fun ways to make a postponed bachelorette party – or a COVID-19 virtual bachelorette party really special and FUN for the bride to be, so I wanted to share some of the best virtual bachelorette ideas! These will help make sure your girl has the time of here life with her girls and totally forgets about coronavirus. 


Ideas for what you can do for a bride-to-be whose wedding and bachelorette party have been affected by COVID-19

Send the bride some wine

SHE NEEDS IT. One of the sweetest things my bridesmaids did for me when I postponed my wedding was send me two big magnums of my favorite wine “for the extended wedding planning.” It was the best surprise, and it made me feel so happy after going through such a stressful time. If you know the bride’s favorite wine, look it up on this site here that delivers all across the US or if you can’t decide which wine to get, a magnum of this amazing rose would be a great call).

Send her a fancy dinner

Whether you order it on Postmates for her, or you send her steaks (that’s what my mom did for us via Omaha Steaks for our would-be wedding weekend and it was SO sweet), sending a nice meal is a super sweet way to help her make a would-be celebratory weekend special, and less work for the bride! Maybe you all were planning to go to Cabo for the bachelorette party and now you’re doing a zoom happy hour instead – why not have her favorite Mexican restaurant deliver an epic Mexican feast to her house complete with a pitcher of margaritas? So fun. 

Send her flowers

Nothing makes a girls day more than receiving flowers in the mail, whether it’s just because, or for her quarantine birthday, or for her would-be wedding day. And with so many online flower delivery options, it’s a no-brainer! This site is my go-to for ordering flowers – the prices are great and the quality is perfect! I highly recommend doing ‘same day delivery‘ – that way they use a local florist and the flowers show up beautiful and in the vase!

This will help her make sure her house is filled with love and decor going into her would-be bachelorette party weekend.


How to host a virtual bachelorette party

(that’s actually really fun)

Just because you guys can’t travel to Austin, Nashville, or Miami does not mean the bachelorette party weekend can’t be an absolute blast!!!

Block off a couple hours in everyone’s google calendar on the would-be weekend and invite them via email (but also shoot them a group text to get them excited!) then do any of the following cute virtual bachelorette ideas!

Sip on the same cocktail

Send out a cocktail recipe beforehand so people have time to get the ingredients (maybe something on theme to where you were supposed to go – like spicy margaritas for a Mexico themed bach – or I have a fun list of the best cocktail recipes from destinations around the world if you need ideas!)

Wear matching outfits

If you have enough time in planning, either send each girl a gift of something fun matching to wear for the zoom event or have them purchase them themselves prior to the party!

I’m a huge fan of these matching kimonos (cozy loungewear meets tropical prints that bring a fun colorful vacay energy!!). Make sure you pick up a beautiful bride kimono for the bride to wear too (and send it to her address). If you buy these Kenny Flowers kimonos or these adorable matching sarongs you can get 20% off anything with the code JETSET. 

Have an icebreaker ready

Maybe not everyone knows each other – have everyone introduce themselves, explain how they know the bride, and share the most funny or embarrassing memory with the bride to kick off the party. Later, have everyone toast the bride with their favorite memory with her. 

Play bachelorette party games on Zoom

This website has fun free printable bachelorette party game downloads you could do!

Games like “Drink If…” or “Never Have I Ever” work really well for virtual bachelorette parties. You can also play “How Well Do You Know the Bride?” —where the bride asks the questions, girls write down their answers, and then the bride shares her responses with everyone.

Another fun one you can do if the groom makes a celeb appearance is to play a question-based game for the bride and groom where the maid of honor asks questions like “Who cooks more?” and “Who is more stubborn?” “who said i love you first” etc. etc. And then the bride and groom can either talk at the same time or write “Bride” and “Groom” on sheets of paper and hold it up to answer. Since the game only requires one person to ask the questions and the bride and groom to answer. 

Jackbox has fun group games to play on Zoom too – have you guys tried it yet? It’s super fun.

Photo via GMA @MJMadda

Still send the bride-to-be panties, and have her guess who sent which!

One of the most fun bachelorette games you can do virtually is to send the bride a pair of panties and have her agree to put them all in a bowl and not look at the mailing address or billing address for each thing that comes! Then on zoom she opens all of them and guesses who got her which one.

Have a Special Guest Appearance

If you’re going to be on a video call with a big group of people for hours at a time, it can be fun to schedule a guest appearance (ie the groom-to-be or mother of the bride (or both!) an hour or so after the virtual bachelorette begins. This will bring a new energy and keep the virtual bachelorette party poppin’. 

Make a playlist and have everyone submit a special song to it that means something to them and the bride

Or reminds them of a memory with the bride. You can make a collaborative playlist on Spotify, and it’s a super fun and meaningful gift for the bride to have forever.  I LOVED when my girls did this for me at my Miami bachelorette – it was so cute to see the songs that remind them of me!!! Then if you’re on a zoom they can go around and talk about why they picked that song and what the memory was. 

Still get cute bachelorette party goodies for the girls

Help everyone get in the mood with some cute bach party goodies! Check out my post on cute bachelorette party favors everyone will love for some inspo!

Photo via @kelljohns, koozie on Etsy here

Make a zoom background everyone can use

And send it out in the invite to all the girls. I think a fun one would be to do a blown up picture of the guy’s face, or a backdrop of the place you guys were supposed to go — something fun and funny like that!  

Above all, have fun, and focus on making it ultra special for your best friend

The circumstances may not be the most ideal, but it’s your job as part of the bachelorette party crew to make it super fun for your girl. Bring your A+ energy and excitement and revolve the day around her just like you would if you were in some exotic bachelorette destination

We’re all in this together, brides!! Sending lots of love your way. 

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