How to Celebrate Your Postponed Wedding and Make the Would-be Wedding Weekend Special

When it came to deciding how to celebrate Kenny and my would-be wedding weekend in Maui, I got all kinds of sad. We should be celebrating with friends poolside, mai tais in our hand, but instead we’re quarantined, working 12-hour days from home and and trying to find ways to celebrate our would-be wedding weekend at home that will make us feel a semblance of happiness after a challenging, and flat-out-bizarre month for ALL of us. 

After getting engaged in Bali last year, wedding planning has been a huge part of my life, every day. I loved it and slaved over every little detail, making it alllll the more painful when the beautiful stack of cards that was over a year of planning fell to the floor and we had to postpone our April wedding because of COVID-19

If that sounds like something you, or someone you love has gone through, I hope this post helps! I know way too many couples going through this and I’ve been reached out to by a ton of you looking for ways to feel better on your would-be-dates. I definitely don’t want our or any of your would-be wedding weekends to be any sort of sad – they should be fun, celebratory, and happy — your first wedding date! 

When I talked to you guys about it on instagram, a lot of girls reached out in the exact same boat as me, torn between wanting to spend the whole weekend sad on their couch just waiting for it to be over, and wanting to make it special. The hard part about making it special, though, is when you’re sad it’s the last thing you want to do. So don’t be afraid to lean on your bridesmaids or families to help – trust me, they want to.

A lot of you guys had some amazing ideas on instagram on ways to make our wedding weekend special in quarantine, so I wanted to share them in a blog post! Here are all the ideas everyone said:

Champagne, and lots of it

YUP. And, while you’re at it, treat yourself to one of the gifts off your registry – maybe someone gifted you champagne flutes or wine glasses or fancy china – use them!!!

Drink Maui cocktails

(or whatever cocktail is well-known where you would have had your wedding) – if you need fun ideas for cocktails check out my post on Drinking Around the World: 20 of the Best Cocktail Recipes from My Favorite Travel Destinations

Play virtual games with your bridal party

Some of my favorites are Jackbox, Code Names and Free Space (this one is super fun for a big group, because let’s be honest sometimes big group zoom’s can get awkward! They basically organize a spin on bingo and they’ll organize the whole zoom event for you! You invite the guests and they’ll do the rest)

DIY honeymoon at home

This is so fun! Research your honeymoon destination and make a themed dinner from that destination! Turn on some tropical music, put the sound of waves on and find your beach in your living room.  

DIY spa day at home

Yes, love this!! Robes, spa slippers, make some fresh squeezed juices, play relaxing music, meditate, and give each other massages. So fun. 

Practice your first dance

Love this one – Kenny and I are definitely going to!

ZOOM happy hour with your wedding party & families

Kenny and I set up 3 separate zooms  – 1 with the groomsmen, 1 with the bridesmaids, and 1 with both of our families. We wanted to separate them because we all know how crazy a too-packed zoom can be when no one can talk!! Plus by having three, we get 3 full hours of fun with our best friends and fam.

Virtual wine tasting

This is so fun – you can organize a really nice one with Priority Wine Pass! We did this with a few couple friends and it was SO fun. You can either do a wine tasting with just your fiance, or organize one with your friends and/or family. And if you need help with how to organize a virtual wine tasting with friends, check out this post here

Learn something new together

Love this – but someone give me some ideas on what to learn together LOL!

Someone did send me that you can take cooking classes virtually online with experts around the world  (like a pizza or pasta making class from an italian nonna!!) Check out!

Eat wedding cake in your swimsuits

Bake your wedding cake

This would be so fun! And I bet a lot of wedding venues or bakeries would be willing to share an at-home recipe for you to make! 

Dance to your first song in your living room

Love this one so much. We’re going to be playing our whole wedding playlist on repeat! 

Make your signature cocktails 

We asked the Four Seasons Maui (our venue) to share their top-secret mai tai recipe so we could make it this weekend and they did! Don’t be afraid to reach out to your vendors, they want to make your weekend just as special as you do! 


Yes. This one’s worth repeating. LOTS of it. 

Wear your Kenny Flowers Wailea print!

Kenny and I designed a Hawaiian print for the wedding – The Wailea – which we launched this week on resort shirts, sarongs and swimwear, even though it’s not technically the wedding week we thought we’d be launching them in, it’s such a special print for us and we worked so hard on it for the last year!! We couldn’t wait to get it out – and bring a little vacation energy  to everyone at home. I’m definitely going to be wearing the Wailea sarong and he’s going to rock the Wailea shirt.


Do a virtual workout class

I am literally still sore from a HIIT class Kenny and I did on Zoom three days ago. 

Make a big brunch and eat it outside if you can!

We made a big Hawaii-like brunch together (coconut banana pancakes, island fruits, etc) and it was the highlight of the day! It really felt like we were in Hawaii šŸ™‚ 

Drink the fancy wine

Yes, a must. Siri, please have alllll the fancy wine delivered.

Learn a Tiktok dance

Seriously, TikTok is so fun and an easy way to get a great workout in – and laugh a lot. 

Dress up dinner and date night at home

Love this idea!

What else did we miss? Give us any and all ideas on how to make a postponed wedding weekend special in the comments

BTW – if you’re wondering what you can do to help make your friend or fiance’s would-be wedding weekend that much more special, here are some things people did for us that made us so happy and added to the celebration:

Send some wine

One of the sweetest things my bridesmaids did for me for my postponed wedding weekend was send me two big magnums of my favorite wine “for the extended wedding planning.” It was the best surprise, and it made me feel so happy after going through such a stressful time. If you know the couple’s favorite wine, look it up on this site here that delivers all across the US or if you can’t decide which wine to get, here are some amazing wines

Send them a fancy dinner

My parents sent us steaks and lobster from Omaha Steaks and they were amazing! Sending a nice meal is a super sweet way to help the couple make a would-be celebratory weekend special, and less work for them! 

Send flowers

Kenny was so sweet and sent me three bouquets of flowers. Who would have thought after all that wedding  planning he’d be the one in charge of florals on our wedding weekend!?! He did a  great job and they really helped to decorate the house and make me so happy all week!

This site is my go-to for ordering flowers, and where Kenny got them from – the prices are great and the quality is perfect! I highly recommend doing ‘same day delivery‘ – that way they use a local florist and the flowers show up beautiful and in the vase! 

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