9 Ways to Travel the World Without Leaving Your Home

The world is filled with endless beautiful cities, cultures, and experiences to have. Travel expands your mind and shows you new pieces of life in a way that nothing else can. From places like Bali to The Maldives to Dubai to Hawaii to Italy to Africa, to Antarctica, everyone has their own unique bucket list.  

I know how lucky I am to be able to travel the world for a living (something I will never take for granted!!). But, what surprises many people is how much I also love being at home! When I’m away from home, I always pick up little things from my travels to bring back, because, even when we cannot physically be in the places that we love, there are ways to bring places we love to us without having to book a flight or even leave our houses! If you are dying to travel but can’t leave today, here are nine ways to travel the world without leaving your home.

1. Burn a candle that reminds you of the place you want to go

Photo courtesy of Hotel Lobby Candle

Scents have a way of bringing back memories. The smell of coconut and sandalwood always reminds me of a beach, which is why I looooove this Island candle from Hotel Lobby Candle! They have tons of different scents inspired by locations around the world. Check them out here!

2. Purchase coffee beans from your favorite local spot

I can’t live without my morning cup of coffee, and it’s always 10x better when I have beans from one of my favorite local shops across the globe! My all-time favorite coffee is from Colombia (you can read all about why Colombia has the best coffee here), and when I have it on hand at home, it transports me right back to the colorful Colombian towns. The best part? You can order my favorite coffee online here. 

3. Wear something that reminds you of the destination

Check out Kenny Flowers, which has destination-based swimwear and resort wear prints and collections that will instantly transport you to the destination of your dreams. From the Positano collection, to tropical Bahamas pajamas to the Napa Collection (below), they’ve got you covered with looks you can wear anywhere that will always remind you of your trip! 

4. Pick up a travel-inspired coffee table book

Here are some of my favorites!

5. Cook something from around the world!

Dying for a trip to Santorini? Make these incredible meatballs (the recipe is from a cooking class I took in Greece!). Craving the Mexican sun? Try my huevos rancheros recipe. I have tons of great recipes to choose from on the blog, so let’s get to cooking and take our tastebuds around the world!

6. Make a cocktail inspired by your dream destination

Maui mai tais, Mexican margaritas, and so much more! Click here for 20 of my favorite cocktail recipes inspired by my favorite locations around the world.

7. Listen to music that is popular in the country you want to visit

You can have it on in the background while you cook your favorite authentic meal, or you and your partner can have a dance party in the middle of the living room! I love bachata music from Colombia, and Kenny and I listen to it all the time!

8. Watch a TV show or movie set in the area

Sometimes, just seeing your favorite location on the big screen is enough to fight off the travel bug another day! Some of my favorites are Eat Pray Love for Bali, Mamma Mia for Greece, and the new Searching For Italy show on Netflix!

9. Consume travel content and dream up your next trip!

This is perhaps the most fun of all… why not plan your next getaway?! I have endless content here on the blog, on Instagram, and on TikTok!

So, where to next?


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