The Best Honeymoon Destinations in December, January and February

If you’re planning a honeymoon in December, January, or February and wondering where the best honeymoon destinations are during this time and where to find the warmest weather December through March, you came to the right place. Here are some incredible honeymoon destinations that are absolutely ideal for that time of year, and all my best recommendations on what to do when you get there. Happy honeymoon planning!

The Maldives

December through March is The Maldives’ highest and dryest season – making winter in the USA the perfect time to escape to the dreamy country made up of 99% water and thousands of heavenly islands. Planning a honeymoon to the Maldives can be a little overwhelming at first. There are more than 200 resorts to choose from (!!!), and they all cater to a different type of couple, with a different budget. Each resort has different things to offer (some are better for divers, some are better for surfers, some have better food, some have better overwater bungalows, etc, etc), but, don’t worry – the Maldives happens to be my favorite place in the world and I have all of the intel for you. Check out the articles below!



South Africa

Ask anyone who’s been to Cape Town, South Africa and they are likely to tell you it is hands down their favorite city. Beaches, wine country, majestic cliffsides, African sunsets and all kinds of wildlife? SIGN ME UP. Cape Town on its own is worth a trip, but add in an African safari and you have yourself the best honeymoon itinerary ever.

Weather in Cape Town in December, January, and February averages in the lower 80s. The Serengeti and the Kalahari Desert in Botswana both are the best to visit for a safari this time of year. I wouldn’t recommend a South Africa safari (it’s wet season in Norther SA, but not on the cape) but rather flying elsewhere in Africa for the safari portion of your trip. 

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Maui, Hawaii

Maui for a honeymoon is just a dream. If you’re thinking of doing Hawaii for your honeymoon, I think Maui is definitely the best island. It’s resortey (in the best way) and it’s just such an easy, relaxing beach vacation. You won’t have to think about a thing – and, if you stay at one of my favorite resorts in the world – The Four Seasons Wailea – you won’t have to lift a finger either.

December through March is whale season in Maui during US-winter, which is one of the most incredible times to be there! Hawaii has amazing weather all year long, so even though you might get a little more rain during these months, it’s milder weather and if you’re not looking for hot-hot-hot heat and humidity, you’re likely going to like this time of year the best!


Australia / New Zealand

Winter in the US means it’s SUMMER in Australia and New Zealand – making an Australia/New Zealand honeymoon a perfect choice for a December, January or February honeymoon. In Australia, spend some time in Sydney, snorkel the Great Barrier Reef in Hamilton Island, or cruise down the Gold Coast. In New Zealand, spend time on the North Island if you’re looking for more of a tropical vacay, and more time on the South Island if majestic mountains, soaring peaks and turquoise lakes are what you’re after. I also highly recommend wine tasting on Waiheke Island – one of New Zealand’s most beautiful and fun adventures. 


Bali, Indonesia

While technically December through March is rainy season in Bali, my post on Why Rainy Season in Bali Doesn’t Matter should help calm any concerns about traveling to Bali in December, January or February. I love rainy season in Bali! It very rarely rains for more than a couple hours of the day, and the rest of the time is just beautiful! You also get plenty of sunny days in rainy season in Bali (and plenty of wet ones in ‘dry’ season!) so I definitely think winter in the US is a great time to travel to Bali on a honeymoon. 

A Bali honeymoon is a choose-your-own-adventure type of honeymoon. With lush jungles, dreamy beaches, remote islands, a vibrant culture, trendy surfer towns, fun beach clubs, amazing food, volcano hikes, and stunning waterfalls, this island has it all, and you can surely DO it all here. But Bali is also simultaneously incredibly zen, relaxing, and has some of the most beautiful luxury resorts in the world. So you can do as much – or as little- as you want in Bali, and have an incredible honeymoon either way. 


Turks & Caicos

Anywhere in the Caribbean is great for a honeymoon in December, January, and February (and here are all of my favorite honeymoon resorts in the Caribbean) but Turks & Caicos is my pick for a great luxury honeymoon destination this time of year. Stay at the Amanyara for the ultimate in luxury. 


Aruba is beautiful and super warm from December through February, and is such a fun honeymoon destination!! Aruba is a small island and I highly recommend renting a car so you can fully explore everything the island has to offer. Kenny and I had sooo much fun in Aruba (you can read all my tips for the Ultimate Aruba Honeymoon Itinerary here), and definitely recommend Aruba for a honeymoon. 

Also, Aruba’s least windy time of year is December through February (although it’s always windy, you’ll be grateful for the tradewinds, don’t worry!) 

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Key West

The Florida Keys are an awesome USA destination for a honeymoon – and there’s an exclusive, recently re-opened all-inclusive private island that’s an IDEAL honeymoon resort. Little Palm Island is located about one hour by air from Miami and Key West. Far from crowds and super secluded, it’s only accessible by boat. When you arrive to the tropical island, you’re handed a welcome cocktail and a motor yacht transfers you from the check-in building on Torch Key to Little Palm Island. Crushed seashell-laden paths lead to individual oceanfront villas with private sundecks, outdoor showers, secluded hot tubs, and panoramic views of the ocean. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served in The Dining Room, a fine-dining eatery (and the only restaurant) on the property.

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