When is Rainy Season in Bali? The Best Times of Year to Visit Bali, Indonesia & Why You Shouldn’t Worry About the Rain

“HELP! Christina!!!The weather report for my trip to Bali is showing rain EVERY day!!!” “I want to go to Bali in October but I read on your blog that rainy season starts in November and I’m worried!” “I want to visit Bali in February but read that it is still rainy season! Will my honeymoon be ruined?” “Will it really rain my whole trip?”

I can’t tell you how many DM’s I get on Instagram with these concerns and many others about rainy season in Bali. I love you all dearly but LET’S RELAX, PEOPLE!!!!! Bali is a tropical island. Yes. It is going to rain. But no, it is not going to rain (or ruin!!) your whole trip! The reason Bali (and every tropical island in the world) IS so beautiful, is because of the rain it gets. Rain makes everything lush, green, and thriving. If you want a guaranteed dry vacation, head to Arizona. But if you want a tropical vacation, take a breath, and realize that a little rain is not going to ruin your day – if you don’t let it!! The thing about rain in Bali is that it VERY rarely rains more than an hour or few each day. And it’s a huge island!! You can’t trust the weather report at all!!! Usually if it’s showing rain every day it means that SOMEWHERE on the island will get some rain. But who knows if that will affect where you are. Bali weather is crazy unpredictable – in the morning, you can have gorgeous, nothing-but-sunshine weather, and all of the sudden a HUGE storm rolls in. But it will pass. Enjoy it!!!

Go swimming in the rain, or get soaked on your motorbike. It’s fun!! And trust me, you’ll dry off minutes later. PLUS rain makes for the most epic sunsets ever afterward. And if the rain isn’t for you, head into a local spa for a massage and relax. There’s something magical and ultra-cleansing about rain in Bali.

When is rainy season in Bali?

It’s gorgeous most of the days year-round in Bali. But the rainiest months in Bali are end of November through the end of February. While many people from the states want to visit in our winter, that’s actually the wettest time to come to Bali. The best and driest months in Bali are May-September. October and beginning of November is also BEAUTIFUL, it just gets a little more humid as the rainy season approaches.

What do you do if it rains in Bali?

You wait it out, usually. It very, very rarely rains for more than an hour. I also recommend that if you’re visiting around rainy season, you always make sure your plans are somewhat flexible (so you can rearrange a beach afternoon if the weather turns, and get massages instead).

What activities should I do in the rain if it rains during my trip to Bali?

Massages, massages, and more massages. Did you know a great 1 hour massage with a flower bath at a super nice place in Bali can cost $15? This is my go-to if it rains. I also love to shop ( my favorite area to shop is Canggu), or just soak up the zen in Ubud – which is BEAUTIFUL in the rain!!! You can also do a yoga class, take a cooking class, or just eat at one of the many amazing restaurants in Bali (all my recs are in my Ultimate Bali Travel Guide here)

Will I need to pack a rain jacket in Bali?

In all likelihood, no. The only time you’ll need a jacket in Bali is if you’re planning on doing a sunrise volcano hike, in which case it gets chilly on the way up. But otherwise, it’s so warm in Bali that the rain doesnt really change that. If anything you’d only need a veryyyyy light layer. Here are some of my favorites that are super easy to pack.

My favorite and highest quality is this lululemon one – which is on sale right now!

And if you’re looking for a steal, this adorable one from Amazon, $25, and this Colombia one on Amazon for $39, that comes in 10+ beautiful colors!

The moral of the story is do NOT let the weather report or random articles online scare you away from choosing Bali for your honeymoon, group trip, solo trip, or romantic vacation, no matter what time of year!!! You are going to fall in love with Bali, and have an amazing trip! Let me know any questions that come up in the comments!!

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