WE DECIDED WHERE WE’RE GOING TO HONEYMOON! And you may have guessed it…

After getting engaged in Bali last Spring, there was one question I was already getting from everyone in my life, and it wasn’t “When’s the wedding?!” – it was: “Where in the world will you honeymoon!?”

As a luxury travel blogger, you guys know I’ve been so unbelievably lucky to have had the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful places in the world, visit some of the world’s most luxurious resorts, and Kenny has been able to join me on way more than our fair share of dreamy, five-star honeymoons over the years. So when it came to deciding where we would go for our ACTUAL honeymoon, it was such a tough decision!

Should we go somewhere new that we’ve never been? Or should we go back to somewhere we’ve been before and love more than anywhere else in the world? Should we go somewhere adventurous? Or relaxing? Or both? 

We thought about Bora Bora, since we are getting married in Maui and figured we’d already be halfway to the South Pacific. We thought about the Seychelles, because it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go. When I asked you guys on instagram where we should go, a ton of you said an African safari – which is on my bucket list and definitely something we considered! We thought about Santorini –  but we had just been this Summer. We thought about the Amalfi Coast, a place we absolutely adore. We thought about just about everywhere. 

When we thought about what our ideal honeymoon day looks like from start to finish (which is something I highly recommend doing first when deciding where to honeymoon), we both imagined an overwater bungalow (sue us), crystal clear turquoise water, and a day full of nothing but amazing food, cocktails, and hanging on an island with each other. We’re both water people, and we love the beach. So there was no question that our ideal honeymoon was going to be somewhere island-ey and beachy. 

And the more we thought about all the beautiful beaches around the world that would be great for a honeymoon, we as a couple couldn’t really imagine going somewhere we hadn’t been before!! Since travel is my job, I couldn’t help but feel that if I were going to a completely new place on my honeymoon, I’d feel pressure to fully “cover” it, and to us, a honeymoon is going to be a vacation where I don’t have to feel pressured to work at all, and can just fully soak in the bliss of our first weeks of marriage.

Although I’m obviously going to be taking photos, sharing instagrams, and bringing you all in for what we choose (that’s not work to me, that’s just part of the fun), I kept coming back to how much more relaxing going somewhere we know and love would be compared to somewhere new. And for us, relaxing is the word we both kept coming back to when it came to our ideal honeymoon. We’re so blessed to be able to travel as much as we do, and have found there’s a big difference to us between a “trip” and a “honeymoon”. To me, a honeymoon is a relaxing beach retreat, and a trip is something adventurous and active like an African safari, a jaunt through Southeast Asia, or a European tour. But I definitely want to say that that sentiment is different for everyone! A lot of people might get bored with a beach vacation and need something more exciting and adventurous tied in – but Kenny and I are just not those people (hah!). We are so happy with a day of nothing but ocean, sand, and a drink in our hand. 

When deciding on somewhere new vs. somewhere we had been, it also definitely came into the decision that my lovely fiance Kenny, bless him, is totally a creature of habit – he’s the guy who likes to understand a place fully before he gets there, and thrives when he feels like he knows somewhere, rather than having to figure it out for the first time.  I could go either way – the thrill of a new place, or the comfort of somewhere you know the lay of the land. But with all of these things considered, we just kept coming back to the place we love more than anywhere else in the world. 

There was one place in our hearts that has literally everywhere in the world beat when it comes to our idea of the perfect vacation… 

The Maldives.


Honestly I’m not sure there’s anywhere more beautiful on earth than the Maldives, and I *really* didn’t want to take the risk of feeling like “this is nice, but it’s not the Maldives!” on my honeymoon!!!! We both knew where we would feel the most relaxed, the most happy, and have the best time together, and it was here. 

We just booked our flights yesterday (swanky biz class flights around the world using Kenny’s credit card reward points!!) We usually almost always fly economy – unless one of my partners treats us to an upgraded flight, but if we’re paying we prefer to splurge on other areas on the trip (resorts, food, drinks, activities) than the flight – but for our honeymoon, what the heck, we’re treating ourselves, it’s a once in a lifetime trip! And I am so, so excited. 

Where we’re staying in the Maldives for our honeymoon:

We’re still figuring that out, but we do have one resort booked already – it’s a secret — but if you have been following me for awhile you can probably guess it šŸ™‚ It’s our favorite resort we’ve ever stayed in, so we couldn’t imagine our honeymoon without it! For the other part of the trip, we’ll try a new resort we haven’t experienced yet so we can get a little of that “something new” experience, but in the islands we know and love.

We’re still comparing resort options (so let me know if you have any favorites!), but we know that no matter where we choose it’s going to be so amazing. 

Now that that’s settled, I can get back to wedding planning – or maybe just go online shopping instead and start packing for our honeymoon?  

What do you guys think? Did you expect it? 

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