The point of dry brushing is to encourage lymph toward your upper torso and chest, where the lymphatic fluid will reenter your bloodstream. So you want to follow the circulatory system when it comes to where to brush, and always lead to the heart.

Start with the top of the feet, then the lower leg, the knee, and the thigh. When you work on the back of the thigh, treat the butt as an extension of your thigh and continue upward onto the small of your back. Find what feels best to you. For the upper body, do the same type of thing you did with the feet – start with the hands and go in a long motion across your body toward the heart. Be gentle around your chest since it’s more delicate skin. Finish by going over your heart in a circular motion to end your routine. Then shower off!

After your shower, you’ll notice product absorbs like CRAZY, so you’ll want to smooth on an oil or cream to seal in the moisture after your shower. It’s really important to use high-quality, clean ingredients since your skin is ultra-absorbant. I love Drunk Elephant’s new body cream