We Moved to Charleston!!!!!

Surprise! Kenny and I bought a house in CHARLESTON!!!!!!

That’s right, we (finally!) no longer live out of our suitcases. 

The Carolinas were Kenny and my first home away from home, separately, as we both headed from the west coast to attend college at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. UNC shaped us in so many ways into the humans we are today, not to mention brought us together, so returning to the Carolinas (just a little bit further south!) feels like it was always an inevitable homecoming. 

Charleston is a city that has always had our hearts, and, throughout the past few years, we’d find reasons to spend multiple weeks coming to visit friends who lived here, working from, and playing on, King Street, eating our way through the city, and falling in love with the one-of-a-kind Charleston charm. Every time we would visit we would tell people we could easily live there “and we just might!” But it felt like a pipe-dream. After all, we were West Coasters born and bred. But, in a big way, thanks to those formative years at Chapel Hill, we always were Southerners too. 

So when it came to where to unpack our suitcases and ‘settle down’ (just a bit more, don’t get carried away, y’all! We have THREE trips planned in the next month after moving!!), something gravitated us towards Charleston. Logically, it makes so much sense for us, it’s near the beach (**most** importantly, check!), it is a beautiful, vibrant city (check!), with an amazing community of people (check!), it never gets too cold and has some of the best weather in the United States year-round (check! thank goodness), it has arguably the BEST food scene in the country, and a very fun social scene, but it’s also a great place to relax, work and hideaway in-between our travels (check, check, and check). AND we have some best friends there from college who have been amazing ambassadors of the area, and we know will help us feel at home right away (check!).

Travel-wise, Charleston leaves us easy access to South America (where we manufacture our swimwear), Europe, the Caribbean, and so much more.

And, ironically, it is almost the EXACT same latitude as another city that has always had our heart – San Diego, where we have spent most of the past year and also were considering as our home base! And we’re definitely not counting out San Diego forever, but for now, at least, Charleston is the best place in the world for us as we build our lives together. Even though it shocked our friends and family, who all assumed we were going to the west coast! 

What can I say – we love a shock factor 🙂 But the reality is, moving to Charleston makes all of the sense in the world for us when you think about it, and we are SO SO excited to take advantage of everything this booming community has to offer.

We found the cutest house (with a wraparound porch!!!) and are so excited to make it ours over the next few months, which of course I’ll take you along with on Instagram and here on the blog.

Leave all of your best Charleston (or first-time-homeowner!!!) recs we need to know in the comments below!!!

Christina & Kenny



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  • Katherine

    I am also thinking about moving to Charleston. We lived there between 1985 and 1992 when my late husband was in the U S NAVY. And everytime I go there it always feels like home . My granddaughter and her.family live in South Carolina. My daughter and I were there this past summer and we didn’t want to leave. I enjoyed your story.

    December 15, 2021
  • Welcome to Charleston, y’all. Your story just popped up in my Google Feed. Good move coming to Charleston. It’s a great city.
    When y’all take that day trip out to Johns Island please stop by and visit my farm, The Goatery at Kiawah River. We have dairy goats, chickens, mini-donkeys, kune kune pigs, sheep, and oreo cows.
    Call me at the Goatery number and let me know what date works for y’all.

    Danny Sillivant
    Co-owner/Goat Milker/ Fromager
    The Goatery at Kiawah River

    December 17, 2021