Third Trimester Pregnancy Update!

Hi friends! I’m 34 weeks pregnant (what?!) which means baby is the size of a pineapple this week (WHAT !!!), so I thought it would be a good time to give you guys a little update on how I’ve been feeling, pregnancy products I’m loving, books I’m reading, nursery progress, how it feels to be done traveling for the time being, etc etc!

How I’ve been feeling in the third trimester:

Honestly, really, really good. Every pregnancy is so different, but for me, it’s gone a little something like this:

First trimester: Some days: “This is so exciting! I feel pretty good, aside from the nausea.” Other days, in bed all day: “Oh my God, I feel so sick, like, can’t get out of bed sick, all the time. This is awful. I have zero energy, and no motivation. I’m napping at least once a day. Mustering the energy to even walk to another room of the house on some days is too much. Is this going to last for 9 months? How am I going to get through this? Also, I need a pizza. NOW.”

First trimester was rough (you can read more about my experience here). While I was SOOO excited to be pregnant, I didn’t feel like myself. I was just exhausted. I was bloated all over. My skin was breaking out like crazy. I just felt gross. But the good news is, that doesn’t usually last too long. It led to…

Second trimester: “I feel great! I can take on the world! My energy is back – HALLELUJAH! Let’s fly to Dubai. And then Anguilla. And heck, let’s throw in Mexico, too! Gotta get these babymoons in while we can, I’ve heard this energy doesn’t last forever!”

Second trimester was awesome. I was able to get so much done, felt like I had boundless energy, and was able to travel like normal. I didn’t even feel uncomfortable on the plane since I wasn’t that big yet. (I highly recommend babymooning in your second trimester, it’s a perfect time to travel!) It’s also just a really happy trimester because you start to feel the baby, and it all becomes so much more real. It’s magical. But it’s also still pretty far away from your due date, so you feel relaxed about everything. You have all the time in the world!!! This is a great time to get as much done as you can – so you don’t feel overwhelmed when all of the sudden you’re in the single-digit-weeks-til-baby zone. Because, trust me, it comes at you fast. 

Third trimester: “All I want to do is rest. And nest. But I have SO MUCH TO DO!!!!” and “Why is time moving so fast? Can somebody please freeze the clock!?” and “I can’t believe in a little over month we’re going to have a BABY here with us.”

My mind is moving a MILE a minute. But it’s definitely good chaos/excitement. Third trimester has been great, and I overall just feel so happy every day. I’m just so excited! Kenny thinks it’s funny how just like smiley and happy I am about this pregnancy. (Maybe it’s just the fact that I know I get to finally drink wine again in a month!?) But seriously, I honestly find it really fun to be pregnant? I feel a little bad saying that because I know not everyone has a good pregnancy (and there have def been times I’ve been very over mine, read: first trimester), but, now that I have this big bump, a cute coconut wiggling around in my belly, and I’m busy nesting and thinking about what it will be like when he/she is here, it’s a really fun stage of pregnancy!!!

That being said, I have DEFINITELY noticed I get much more tired now than I did in second trimester. Sometimes, I’ll fall asleep on the couch randomly and Kenny will find me napping (usually if I’ve overdone it on any given day). And I’m getting more uncomfortable in this trimester as I get bigger, and sleep is getting more and more elusive and harder (I consistently wake up at 4am almost every day thinking about all of the things I have to do before the baby is born –  anyone else!??!?!). I also definitely have to get up to go pee at few times per night. Pregnancy is wild.

Whereas I felt like in second trimester the actual birth and baby felt pretty far away still, now, he/she is almost here! Time seems to be moving at warp-speed, and, as excited as I am to meet my new little bestie, I have a LOT to get done on the house, the nursery, and preparing my business to take some time off for maternity leave, in just a few short weeks, and that is getting very overwhelming. Each day, I have an endless to-do list of work, house, personal, and baby things and it just feels like I can never get enough done. There are definitely occasionally some hormone-fueled breakdowns, but I try to stay positive and think about the steps that we ARE making each day towards our goals in each of those aspects. Every day, there is a lot of progress. I just have to accept that everything is not going to be done perfectly before the baby arrives, that’s just not how life works, so I’m just doing my best to do what I can (and stay sane!).

Random things I’m loving right now

Plain or coconut frozen yogurt. OMG, this has been my biggest craving lately. I have been LOVING frozen anything (my morning smoothie, fro yo, ice cubes – literally, just ice cubes), but plain or coconut frozen yogurt has been a big craving for me. In Maui on our babymoon, the club level we were on had coconut sorbet for dessert and I got it every night. OBSESSED.

Celery juice. I’ve been having celery juice throughout the pregnancy! It’s super hydrating and I’ve become addicted. I make it myself with stockpiles of organic celery I get at Costco.

Bumpsuits. I have 3 dresses and 2 bumpsuit jumpsuits from them. They’re made to stretch with you throughout your pregnancy and are great for postpartum, too. The material is soooo soft, stretchy and comfortable, yet looks super chic in a dress or with a jean jacket thrown over it. Whether you’re lounging at home, running errands, or traveling on your babymoon, you need these. Here are my favorites:

BUMPSUIT The Dress in Ivory BUMPSUIT The Kate in Black BUMPSUIT The Zoe Midi Dress in MauveBUMPSUIT The Cloud Slim Pant in Ivory

Beyond Yoga’s maternity workout clothes. I’ve been living in these maternity bike shorts (definitely size up a size from your normal size!). Also love this maternity workout tank to go with them.

Vitamin E oil. You can use this oil on your belly to avoid stretchmarks. And, now that I’m in the third trimester, I have been told to start to try massaging it – down there– because I heard it can help avoid tearing during labor! 

Our humidifier. Adding a humidifier to our bedroom has made sleeping easier for me! Plus, my skin feels way more hydrated.

The baby’s stroller. OK our stroller came and I can’t stop staring at it. It’s SO cute. I’m so glad we went with the light “Bryce” color – it’s BEAUTIFUL. Read more about what we registered for on our baby registry here.

The SUN. Getting the bump in the sun has been the best feeling, so we’ve been loving going to the beach or just outside and getting some sol. I try to walk outside every day with Kenny and get lots of vitamin D!

Comfy maternity bras. I don’t fit in any of my old bras so I’ve been living in these bralettes to stay super comfy.

Ritual. Speaking of vitamins. I love my Ritual prenatal. A lot of you have asked which one I’m on and I’ve been on it since about 5 months before starting to try for a baby! My doctor recommended that so your body starts to absorb more of the vitamins before there’s a baby. There’s no real downside to taking a prenatal even if you’re not pregnant, so I highly recommend! 

Nursery progress

I shared this on instagram today, but our nursery is still very much a blank slate !!!!! We’ve just had so much going on, and we plan on the baby sleeping in our room at first in a bassinet anyway, so it hasn’t taken top priority. BUT, now that we’re home until the baby, I am SO excited to get baby’s room put together!

Our nursery is going to be ‘under-the-sea’ themed (are you surprised?!) And I’m going for an overall gender-neutral seafoam and coastal vibe. Lots of naturals, whites, and, this week, a muralist started painting an under-the-sea mural for the nursery and I’m SO excited about it. I will obviously share every detail with you guys on here and on IG.

Kenny and I both had murals in our bedrooms when we were babies/toddlers, and we both remember them! His was jungle themed and mine was a bunch of animals all over the walls. When it came to our nursery, we knew we had to have one. It will be so fun to tell the baby stories about all of the animals they see, and to teach them about the ocean this way. Once that’s done, we’ll set up the crib (we chose this convertible crib in white and natural), the glider (we chose this one), the dresser (that matches our crib), and then I’m currently on the hunt for a rug, and other decor! (bookshelves, storage, a side table, what else do I need? help!)

And we still don’t know if we’re having a boy or a girl!!! So we’re keeping it gender-neutral in the nursery and with everything we buy for baby 🙂 

Books we’re reading

I just read Bringing Up Bebe and I’m obsessed. Highly recommend. We loved Expecting Better (great for early in pregnancy), and Cribsheet (same author, great for third trimester), I have others on my list or that I’ve bought but honestly, who has the time? These three are the three I’d recommend for sure, and they make for great babymoon reads!


Baby classes we’re taking

We signed up for an online infant CPR class, and a newborn basics class at the hospital we’re giving birth, and I’ve also signed up for Taking Cara Babies (this online newborn class came highly recommended from friends) but haven’t tried it yet! 

Did we stop traveling?

I’m done traveling until the baby gets here! I stopped traveling as of last week at 33 weeks pregnant. That last cross-country flight was definiiiiitely uncomfortable, so I’m personally glad I stopped when I did. Kenny will be flying to a wedding in two weeks, so he’s not quite done yet! Other than that, we’re here in Charleston anxiously awaiting baby’s arrival!! My family and Kenny’s family are both coming to visit next weekend and we’re having a baby shower here which will be so fun. It’s so fun celebrating this little coconut with our loved ones!

We can’t wait to meet you little one!!!


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