The Best Maternity Bras I’ve Been Living in During Pregnancy

There is nothing quite as nice as the feeling you get when you put on a really, really good bra and underwear, am I right?! A couple of years ago, I discovered LIVELY and I have never looked back since. Their comfy bras, undies, and bralettes make up the vast majority of my underwear & bra drawer. And it’s because they’re so dang comfortable. The undies are super soft, fit well, and feel like you’re wearing nothing. The bras are super supportive, well-made, and yet once again, feel like nothing! I’m constantly impressed by their fits and fabrics, so when it came to completely replacing all of my bras and underwear with my new sizes in pregnancy (let’s just say, nothing fits anymore), there was only one place I went to do some pregnancy intimates shopping: LIVELY.

I swear by their undies – they’re so comfortable and better than anything else I’ve tried and I seriously can never go back to any other brand. And I’ve been LIVING in their bras throughout pregnancy. I’ve also stocked up on a couple of their nursing bras for postpartum, because I want to be prepared!! Here are all my favorite picks for pregnancy bras & bralettes, and all the ones I’ve been living in lately.

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The best bralettes for pregnancy

The Crochet Lace Bralette: White 


I love this bralette so much. It’s crochet so it feels a little sexy, but it is SO comfy, it feels like a second skin. I normally wear a M (34C) but in pregnancy have been an L (36C/D)

The Long-Lined Lace Bralette Bundle: Jet Black/Toasted Almond 


I’ve been a big fan of this bralette for years now – I have it in so many colors! The elastic is soooo comfy, and gives a crazy amount of support you’d never expect out of a bralette!

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The Seamless Bralette: Toasted Almond 


This is a go-to everyday bra – I love wearing it under my loungewear while I work from home. The seamlessness makes it ultra comfortable for casual at-home wear or underneath my travel clothes on a travel day!

The Mesh Trim Padded Bralette: Toasted Almond 


If you want a little padding in your bralette, this one is for you. All the benefits of a bra, but without the wire!

The best strapless bra for pregnancy

The Smooth Strapless: Toasted Almond 

This was my favorite strapless bra pre-pregnancy and it’s continued to be one of my pregnancy must-haves. I sized up from a 34C to a 36C and it’s been great so far. I love this strapless because it doesn’t fall down!! I feel like I’m wearing a regular bra, not a strapless bra, and I haven’t been able to find anything else I like as much in terms of strapless bras!


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The best maternity nursing bras

The Mesh Trim Maternity Bralette: Toasted Almond 


All the best things about the bralettes, but with a fastener on the strap so you can easily breastfeed! Shop this bra here.

The No-Wire Maternity Bra: Jet Black 


If you want a little more support and structure than a bralette, the no-wire maternity bra is a great pick for a nursing bra. This supportive, no-wire maternity option features detachable clasps for nursing.

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