Personalized Honeymoon Itineraries by Jetset Christina – Skip the Research and Hire Your Personal Honeymoon Concierge

Planning a honeymoon is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. After months and months of wedding planning stress, vendor and travel logistics, absolute constant exhaustion, finally you get to relax in PARADISE with your best friend. Only one problem… planning the honeymoon is yet another thing to plan in the midst of everything else you have going on. And you frankly don’t have time to do it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of spending hours researching honeymoon destinations, hotels, activities, prices, visas, and so on, you could just talk to an expert who could give you the best recommendations – based on you and your fiancé’s budget, travel styles, and dates?

Wouldn’t it be nice if an *actual* person would take all that information and create a beautiful, personalized honeymoon itinerary for your trip based on YOUR tastes – laying out absolutely all the best things to do in your destination for your time of year, and making sure you’re in the know and prepared with everything you need to have the BEST time on your honeymoon

That’s what I’m here for!


Whether you’re dreaming of a honeymoon to the Amalfi Coast, a Maldives honeymoon, a Bali honeymoon, or a Santorini honeymoon, I’m here to help!

Instead of some automated booking system or antiquated travel agent who’s never even actually been to the destination you’re going, I’m an actual person, helping you with personalized recommendations for your honeymoon. I’m someone to chat with and discuss options, and someone who can give you personalized, tailored recommendations for YOUR dream trip – not anyone else’s. Check out the options below and contact me at [email protected] for my honeymoon consulting rates. 

Here’s what happy honeymooners have said about their personalized honeymoon itineraries with Jetset Christina:

“Your Bali guide has been the BIBLE for us in planning our honeymoon – don’t know what we would have done without your posts and custom itinerary! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us and answer all of our questions. You made these first-time Asia travelers feel so comfortable about traveling across the world. 

-Shannon, Los Angeles

“Planning our honeymoon was so easy thanks to Christina and all of her recommendations for Bali. Since she spends so much time there, she was able to give us the insider’s scoop on the best places to stay, eat, and drink! And we loved having her private driver Pande to take us around the island. Every day on our honeymoon in Bali was so much fun, I just wish we had more time!”

-Brittany, St. Louis

“We are on our honeymoon right now and every single one of your tips for the Maldives has been absolutely perfect! Just wanted to say thank you so much for creating our itinerary! We are having the most amazing time”

-Marisa, Michigan

“THANK YOU for all of your help!! You were a huge help and stress reliever to get our honeymoon booked last minute with everything else going on.”

-Wyatt, New York

“Christina, I just wanted to say a huge thank you. My wife and I just got back from our honeymoon in Bali and your itinerary was just perfect. We loved Thomas Beach and Single Fin in Uluwatu, and 353 Degrees North was amazing. Still thinking about Naughty Nuri’s ribs. Thanks again. Our trip would not have been the same without you.”

– Daniel, Canada 

“Thanks so much for helping me plan the trip of my fiancé’s dreams. We loved Bali, and every one of your recommendations.”
-Mark, New York


Contact me at [email protected] and let’s get your honeymoon planning started! 

Honeymoon consultation options:

A) Phone consultation with Jetset Christina

About a year ago, after realizing there’s only so many hours in the day to answer my instagram DM’s (many of which were about honeymoon recommendations), I started doing personalized honeymoon consultations. These are thorough 30-minute phone calls where you can “ask the expert” anything you want – from deciding between two different resorts in Bali, to asking me my absolute favorite restaurant recommendations in Santorini, to talking about what to expect with the weather in the Maldives for your time of year. I’ll answer any and all questions you may have about the destination, and planning your trip, as well as address any travel, safety or other concerns to make you feel more comfortable about landing in your destination! 

*If you’d rather do this via email than on the phone, I’m happy to do that too! I’ve had a couple grooms and brides who are so busy that they prefer to do this step via questionnaire* 

B) Phone consultation with Jetset Christina + a custom honeymoon itinerary

Once we chat through you and your fiancé’s travel personalities, goals for the trip, and any specifics related to your trip on the phone call, I create a custom itinerary for your trip — from where to go (and how many days to spend where), to things to do, places to eat, drink, sunset, sightsee etc. all broken out day by day.

These are just suggestions (based on your tastes, and my personal experience) and you’re free to use however much of the itinerary you want! In the document, I also include a helpful section with information on things like transportation, communication, cultural norms, ATM’s/cash necessities, VISAs, FAQ’s, and any other information you may need for your trip. I don’t book anything for you (but I provide you with easy links to do so), I just lay out a loose itinerary that you can amend and play with depending on what you’re feeling on your honeymoon. 


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