How to Organize Your Swimwear: The Best Tips and Tricks for Organizing Your Swimwear Drawer

Hi, my name is Christina, and I’m addicted to swimwear (and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!).

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with bikinis and swimwear. I grew up a competitive swimmer, and as far back as I can remember, I have had a bikini drawer overflowing with swimsuits. I love swimsuits so much that I decided to launch my own swimwear line (when I realized that nothing in the market had the quality and fit that I so eagerly sought after when shopping for bikinis). And now, designing our line, I have even more suits in my dresser at all times (and none that I’m willing to get rid of!!!). I know I’m not the only one completely lost when it comes to how to organize swimsuits. They tend to just pile on each other in drawers and cause mayhem when it comes to what to pack for a vacation, or what to wear for a certain day or hot tub night.  So, for all you ladies out there looking at their swimwear drawer wondering, “Isn’t there a better way?!”, I’m here for you!

Here are all of my best tips and tricks for organizing your swimwear

Tip #1: Find What Fits

Before you go organizing every piece of swimwear you own, do a quick inventory of what you want to keep and what may need to go. Start by focusing on what you love and gravitate toward. If you haven’t reached for a certain suit in a few seasons, consider donating it. And if something doesn’t fit you right, throw it in the “go” pile!

Tip #2: Organize by Color or Type of Swimsuit

I personally find it easiest to organize my swimwear by color or print, but if you’re more of a one-piece vs. two-piece kind of girl, do what works for you! When I am packing for a certain destination, I always consider what will look good in that area. For Italy, the Positano print is my go-to. If you’re headed to Greece, a chic white swimsuit is a must! For the Maldives, I love leaning into those baby blues. And for the Caribbean, we are getting as colorful as we can! Organizing my swimwear by color helps me pack and visualize my vacation before I even step on the plane.

Tip #3: Get Drawer Dividers

Perhaps the most essential step – GET DRAWER DIVIDERS!!! These were a life saver for me. No more digging through drawers of swimsuits frantically trying to find the matching bottoms to your favorite top. I highly recommend any of the following dividers depending on your organizational preference:

Tip #4: Fold Your Swimwear

Instead of just shoving swimsuits haphazardly into these dividers, take the time to fold each one neatly! This will help you save room and will make looking at your swimwear drawer a lot less anxiety-inducing.

Tip #5: Label Each Section

This tip is totally optional, but I know you Type-A girlies are out there thinking about it! If you want to go the extra mile to keep things organized, grab your label maker and label each section of swimwear. You can label things based on the cut of the swimsuit, prints vs. solids, etc.! This will help you keep everything where it needs to go long-term (and is a useful guide for your partner if he/she happens to be doing the swimwear laundry, or packing you for a surprise trip – hint hint nudge nudge, husbands).

Tip #6: Go Ahead and Buy More Swimwear!!!

If you have gone to all this work and realize that you don’t have as many suits that actually fit (and are high quality) as you thought you did, be sure to check out the newest styles from Kenny Flowers!

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