The Best Travel-inspired Baby Names

Picking a name for your baby is a daunting, nearly impossible task for most of us. If you’re anything like me, you want to find a unique baby name that means something to you!!!! Whether you want it to be strong and classic, or one-of-a-kind unique, you want it to spark you, and sometimes, you just need to see some more options!! When we were coming up with our baby boy’s name, I scoured the internet for ALL the names and tried to see which ones spoke to me. We wanted an ode to travel, and I didn’t find a ton of travel-related baby name sites that I resonated with for GOOD baby name options that spoke to travel lovers like us! SO, I made this list of all of the best ones. Enjoy!!!


Rome – This is one of the best travel baby boy names in my opinion. You could make the formal form ‘Roman’ and call him Rome. It also makes a beautiful middle name! Rome to me conjures up images of ancient Rome, the Romans, history, and Italy. Strong and handsome!

Jet – This one is for the boys that are born to jet-set. 

Rio – this name could be for ‘river’ or for Brazil’s most famous city, Rio! Could be a fun middle name, too.

West – West is an ode to the Wild West, exploration and finding a new frontier. You could make the formal form Weston, or keep it as West. 

East or Easton – Maybe you and your family are from the East coast, or you just love this name! 

Christopher – while this name is a classic, it also has a travel meaning! Christopher is the patron saint of travel

Noah – another classic that has a travel meaning. Noah means ‘wandering’.

Hudson – named for the Hudson River, this is such a strong name for a baby with New York roots! 

Sawyer – this name is named after the protagonist adventurer in Mark Twain’s books. 

Kai – means ‘Ocean’ in Hawaiian!

Austin – named for the city of Austin, this can be a great travel name for a boy

Atlas – this wise, old-soul baby boy name has everything to do with travel and exploration.


Sydney – named for Australia’s beautiful coastal city, Sydney is one of the most popular travel baby names

Capri – I love this Italy-inspired name for a baby girl! 

Savannah – this adorable southern belle name is so cute!

Sienna – named for the beautiful city in Italy, Sienna is a gorgeous name for a baby girl! 

Callie – this one could be a really cute baby name that’s an ode to California

Alaska – Alaska is a beautiful name for a baby girl!

Venice – I have a friend named Venice and it’s beautiful!

Carolina – This beautiful name can be pronounced ‘Carol-eena’, a popular name in hispanic culture, or ‘Carolina’ like North Carolina.

Isla – this name literally means ‘island’, and is perfect for a little travel lover.

Skye or Skylar – While not directly related to travel, this name is still ‘travelly’ and a beautiful option!

London – This popular city baby name conjures up images of a posh little girl ready to take on the big city.

Saylor – Kristen Cavallari named her daughter Saylor and I love it. It’s such a cute travel-related baby girl name option!

Terra – this name means ‘the planet earth’

Sierra – named for the Sierra mountains, this little girl will be a born adventurer!

Aspen – named for Colorado’s famous glamorous city of Aspen, this could be a cute middle name too!

Whether you’re looking for the most popular baby girl names inspired by travel, or the most creative unique boy and girl baby names inspired by travel, I hope you found some good inspiration here!

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