Introducing Jetset Christina Prints for Sale – Original High Resolution Prints for Your Wanderlust Home Decor!

You guys!!! I am so excited to announce that after so many of you had asked me for it for years, I’ve launched prints for sale on my website! I’m starting with my all-time favorite photos that I plan on using as tropical, escape-worthy wall decor in my own future home. Here are the prints you can shop now, in hundreds of different sizes, frames, and specializations to fit YOUR space. And who doesn’t want a little touch of vacation in their home to make them smile every day. 

These are all original Jetset Christina photos I’ve taken on my travels, and I offer them in prints as well as high-res digital downloads (so you can print and frame them yourself!).

La Dolce Vita

Shot in: Positano, Italy 

I love this print because it epitomizes the allure of the Amalfi Coast. It looks more like a painting than a photo, but then again, so does all of Italy. I think it makes a perfect backdrop to a home office, or a statement piece in a bedroom or living room. 

Mediterranean Summer

Shot in: Montenegro

This is easily one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken. It’s taken of the beach in Montenegro, on a hot, iconic Mediterranean summer day. Every time I look at it, I can feel the sun beaming, the sea water splashing, and the families laughing. It’s pure summer happiness captured in a photo. 

Champagne & Sunsets

Shot in: Santorini, Greece

Is there anything more iconic than an epic sunset and some fancy glasses of champagne? This photo screams vacation to me, and it’s the perfect gift for any wine lover to hang in their home. 

Yachts in the Harbor

Shot in: Capri, Italy

I love this gorgeous blue photography print because it is the most beautiful view in all of Capri – one of my favorite places on earth! The blues, and the motion of the boats moving through the water soothes me and I love looking at it and thinking of climbing Capri in the hot August heat, and diving into the mediterranean to cool off.

Breakfast in Paradise 

Shot in: Maldives

This print is one of my favorites because it’s so cozy and dreamy. You can hang this anywhere and instantly feel peaceful. I mean, come on. WHAT IS THAT WATER!? This one takes me right back to the Maldives


What’s your favorite Jetset Christina photography print? And which of my other photos on Instagram do you wish I had for sale in the prints?! I’m excited to add more.

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