15 Tips To Be a Better Instagram Husband, from an Instagram Husband

Ladies, share this post with your husbands, boyfriends, and anyone going on your next vacation with you, because these amazing, actually useful tips will turn your boyfriend or husband who can’t take a decent photo to save his life into the insta-husband of your dreams. 

I know you all know the feeling. You just spent an hour on your hair and makeup to look picture-perfect for the dreamy rice fields in Bali, or that to-die-for infinity pool in Santorini. You feel good. No, you feel GREAT. 

He even looks up from checking his fantasy scores and gives you a look that says “damn.” 

Feeling like a 12, you smile and hand him your phone and tell him to snap a quick photo (or five).

You smize, work your best insta-model angles, and get excited at the fact that you are *DEFINITELY* going to have a new Instagram in a few minutes that is the PERFECT combination of #blessed, #vacationgoals and #dreamy.

and then you see the photo he took….

What. the. F*ck. 

You look at it again. Your mind spirals. Do I really look that bad?

Does he not know a *THING* about good lighting?

What the F is this upward angle?

Why does my arm look like it’s taking over my entire body?

Why didn’t he tell me my hair was doing that weird woo-woo thing?

He didn’t even manage to GET the sunset. that was the whole POINT of the picture.


He looks at you completely dumbfounded, not knowing what he did wrong and why your mood just went from 60 to zero real quick….

He, desperately trying to make it better, innocently offers to take a few more photos of you.

But this is the last thing you could possibly want. The moment’s over. 

Knowing the struggle we all face trying to take better photos on vacation, I asked my real-life instagram husband for @JetsetChristina, Kenny, who is a hero, (and has zero background in photography, but shoots all the photos you see on my site) to write a guest post on tips on how to be a better instagram husband, and he absolutely nailed it.

Check out his instagram husband tips below – and give Kenny a follow on insta @kennyhaisfield to see more behind the scenes of his life as my IG husband… and as a boss, because he only part-times as my IG hubby, and full-times as the founder of Kenny Flowers… which is pretty much the coolest job in the world.

Hi guys, I’m Kenny. 

In the past, Instagram husbands have been shamed by everyone around them, but I think it’s time that they should be celebrated for all that we do, and every “like” she gets… It’s taken me 3 years to finally get a grasp on what she’s looking for when she hands me the camera and I figured it’s time to share that knowledge to help out all the lost vacationing guys out there. Good news is, you’re going to be a better photographer, and guy to her, just by reading this.

So if you can tell #shewantsthepic, here are some quick and easy insta husband tips to make sure you bring your A-game on your honeymoon or next vacation.

Remember that the better job you do, the sooner you get to drink your brew. 

1. Tell her she’s beautiful.

She is. And while you’re sooo focused on getting good photos for her, remember that compliments along the way go a long way with photography. When a girl feels confident, she looks happier and more comfortable in photos. 

2. Give her a drink first.

But not three.

3. Have her set up the shot exactly how she wants it first

Have her set the shot up with you as the muse.

This 1) makes your job way easier, and you can see exactly what she’s going for, and 2) you get an awesome Instagram of yourself to break up the streak of 25 couples photos in a row on your feed right now… win/win. 

Am I doing this right?

She’s much better at this.

4. Respect the golden hour (even if it sometimes conflicts with happy hour).

The golden hour is one hour before sunset, or after sunrise. This is the time when lighting is at its *peak*, so if she’s going to want that perfect ‘gram, it’s most likely going to happen during this time. Offer to grab a pic of her right before sunset, and you’ll go down in insta-husband fame. 

5. Your energy rubs off on her.

Make it a goal of yours to rock it, and she’ll feel that good energy and make your job easier. 

6. You’re not the main attraction but she’s inevitably gonna want some couples pics, too.

When she does, let her stand a little behind you, put an arm around her shoulders, and put on a big smile… even if it’s for 20 photos in a row. 

7. Work the angles.

Always shoot down on her, never at an upward angle, unless she specifically asks you to. 

8. Eat a little first if it’s a morning shoot.

Hangry guys and girls wanting photos do not go hand in hand.

9. You make the offer.

If you notice she’s looking especially dolled up, and you’re in an especially beautiful place, offer to take her pic before she even asks. If she says no, ask her again.

10. Don’t just stand in one place when you’re snapping away.

Get creative and give her options. Look for other angles, different levels, and different perspectives to get an even better shot. Your girl may be surprised that the first shot she had in mind (kinda like her first boyfriend) wasn’t the one.

11. Ask her in advance what she wants photos of on a given trip.

Most important thing is you enjoy the trip but efficiently getting a few clips is basically necessary or else it didn’t happen in her mind. Sometimes she has some screenshots, pins, etc and you can get a feel for what she’s going for. She has a way better visual than you do and you can get burned for not seeing eye to eye.

“Oh, thaaat’s what you mean by wanting a picture of breakfast in bed.”

12. Always use the flash after dark.

Did you take a few pics of her and her girls without clicking that lightning bolt on the iPhone?

It’s probably just for an Instagram story or a few swipes into a post, or a quick pic with her girls, but I can’t tell you how many times a flash photo has come out better than a non-flash photo.

13. Just remember, you are better than a tripod.

You are WAY better than a selfie stick. You are her date, her lover and the man that brings her magical photos she can post. 

14. Dress the part on vacation.

In Santorini, we kept seeing couples where the girl was clearly dressed to the nines for a photo she was waiting for, and the guy was in flip flops, with bags in his eyes, straight out of bed. He clearly didn’t get the memo that she wanted a couple pics in downtown Santorini where maybe he could look just a little more put together. (I recommend a few slick Kenny Flowers vacation shirts to easily level up to a casual-but-uspcale look)

15. Finally, have fun with it.

Photos are memories of experiences you’ve had together. Make taking photos a part of an awesome trip, not a grueling distraction or time away from that.

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