The 3 Best Luggage Brands to Give & Get this Holiday Season that aren’t AWAY

Is it just me or did AWAY luggage take the suitcase market by STORM over the past few years?! With instagram-friendly colors and branding, a simple, sleek design, and a lightweight, hard-shell exterior that kept all your clothes safe on any vacation, it was easy to fall in love with AWAY. But, honestly, I just don’t think it’s the best suitcase out there anymore.

I personally used AWAY almost exclusively for the last 2 years, but I noticed this year that there were a ton of new luggage brands popping up, so, over the last 6 months, I decided to give them a try… putting them through the ringer of 24-hour flights to Bali, weekend jaunts to Napa, and everything in-between, and these were the best of the best. 

By being the trailblazer in the suitcase industry it was, AWAY paved the path for new brands to go even further into reinventing and revamping a travel product that had been neglected for so many years. As you guys know, I travel 24/7/365, and a durable, high-quality suitcase is super important for making each trip better than the last. The worst thing I can imagine on any vacation is losing your suitcase, or heaven forbid your trusty luggage ripping apart at the seams in the airport (both have happened to me).

And while AWAY is definitely the leader of the suitcase pack right now, it is definitely not the only option for a high-quality suitcase. In fact, it’s a pretty basic option. I’m the biggest fan of good marketing like Away has done to stay top-of-market, but for my Jetsettters, I wanted to make sure I tested out all the newest and most exciting suitcase brands out there to see what I like best, and I’m here to report that I have now retired my Away bag because of these three brands, which I think have taken the Away concept even further and created an even-better travel bag


This brand was founded by the creators of TUMI luggage, which means you can expect QUALITYYYYY. TUMI has long been the #1 name in the luggage business, and this is their newest, freshest brand of luxury luggage. My favorite thing about the ROAM suitcases is that they are completely customizable – down to the colors of your wheels, zipper, etc. I had so much fun creating my colorful suitcase. ROAM stands apart from all other travel bag brands in the industry because each of its suitcases are handmade in the U.S. The brand sells four different sizes of hardside spinner suitcases, and you can choose the color of up to nine different parts of your bag. I have the carry on and absolutely love it. It’s ultra-durable, really high quality, and the fun colors make it the prettiest suitcase in any airport. 

I went with a pink suitcase with turquoise wheels and an orange zipper. I wanted a pop of sunshine and color with me for any trip I was going on – and ROAM is just that. I know what you’re thinking – PINK? Won’t it scratch? With other hardside luggage brands I’ve tried, my suitcase has come back with noticeable marks and scuffs after even the FIRST trip using the bag. But ROAM is made with 100 percent virgin polycarbonate, which is a harder, textured type of polycarbonate that is less resistant to deep scratches. HUGE win. 


If you’re looking for a no-frills, hard-shell, sleek suitcase that gets the job done, Brandless is for you. I decided to test out Brandless checked bag and have actually since replaced my Away bag with this suitcase.

Shop Brandless’ new carry-on luggage today!

Brandless‘s luggage is super-sleek, fits a surprising amount of clothes while remaining lightweight, thoughtfully-designed and super durable. It’s made from recycled plastic and the dark color is a god-send for someone who travels a lot (I bought the light blue away thinking it would be SO cute and after my VERY first trip it was scuffed up… so sad)

Steamline Luggage

My absolute favorite luxury piece of luggage is the splurge-worthy Steamline Luggage line. I have the sweetheart carry on and it is without a doubt the most beautiful piece of luggage I have ever owned. I get compliments on it EVERY single time I board a plane. It’s gorgeous – and the white color of the “sweetheart collection” makes it the perfect gift for honeymooners, or gift to yourself for your next vacation or honeymoon

These pieces are pricey ($850 for a carry on), but if you’re looking for the ultimate luxury piece of luggage, this is it.

If you’re looking for a similar style but at a lower price, Amazon has some great steamline-style luggage options here

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