ROAM vs. AWAY Luggage – Which is Better? An Honest Opinion

What’s the better suitcase – ROAM or AWAY? Which luggage should you buy for your next trip? Or gift someone who loves to travel?

As someone who travels (usually) 300+ days a year, luggage is very important to me. I know the importance of quality luggage over cheap, breaks apart on your first vacation, weighs half your weight requirement, suitcases. The right suitcase can make traveling EASIER on you – and that makes it worth every cent. I’ve put my suitcases of both these brands through the ringer of 24-hour flights to Bali, weekend jaunts to Napa, and everything in-between, and these are my thoughts.

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Today, I wanted to break down two of the hottest suitcase brands in the industry right now – AWAY and ROAM. Away has taken the travel world by storm these past few years with their simple, streamlined, lightweight, sleek suitcases. ROAM is newer to the suitcase scene – they were founded by the creators of TUMI luggage, and are now known as one of the absolute best suitcases money can buy. ROAM focuses on details and personalization – you’re able to personalize every last detail to suit your personality, in as many different colors as you want, and add a monogram at no additional cost – so you never have to worry about not being able to spot your suitcase on the luggage belt again. Whereas AWAY focuses on streamlined simplicity – keep travel simple, and keep exploring. So which is right for you? Check out my breakdown of the differences between these two luggage brands below. 

*This post is not sponsored by either brand. As always, all opinions you see on JetsetChristina are honest and 100% my own. I’m able to do this instead of spam you with sponsored posts because I make a small commission if you choose to purchase through the links throughout my blog. Thank you for supporting and shopping my links if you choose to buy a suitcase!

AWAY Luggage

Pros: Less expensive than ROAM, Carry on has optional battery charger feature.

Cons: Not as smooth on the rolling, not as many features, more boring than ROAM, scratches easily.

I personally used AWAY almost exclusively for the last 2 years… until I discovered ROAM. 

10+ options, from carry-on, to bigger carry on, to checked, to bigger checked. I used to use the Medium checked and found it to be a pretty good size to make sure I keep everything under 50 lbs (If I have the larger, it’s ALWAYS going to be over 50, hah!)

ROAM Suitcases

PROS: The smoothest 360 wheels EVER. Lightweight but ultra durable. Does not scratch like AWAY does. Easy Locks. Customizable. Personalization.

CONS: None. This is the best suitcase brand I’ve used.

There are four sizes of suitcases you can choose from – The Jaunt (carry-on), The Jaunt XL (wider carry-on), The Journey (medium checked bag), and The Globetrotter (large checked bag) – all of which are crafted from the highest quality 100% US virgin polycarbonate and made to order in the USA.

Whichever suitcase you choose, you can’t go wrong. They’re both great – and come with different features.

Happy traveling!!


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