6 ways to cure jet lag that actually work

Jet lag. Are there any two worse words in the world? There is nothing more terrible than getting to a new destination you’ve been eager to explore, only to find your body exhausted, your skin dehydrated, and yourself completely drained. Not ideal.

But, with a few easy tips, it IS possible to fight and cure jet lag.

So, go ahead. Book that 22 hour flight to Bali. It’s time to show jet lag who’s boss.

1. Prep, prep, prep

The key to fighting jet lag takes place way before your flight takes off. I always try to get an extra hour or two of sleep the night before a big trip, and I even start adjusting to my new time schedule (and eating schedule) ahead of time!

2. Get some Vitamin D & B

Vitamin B-12 keeps your body alert and energized, while Vitamin D, natural from the sun or supplemental from a vitamin, has long been recommended by doctors as a jet lag cure… So take a supplement, or get outside and soak up the sun!

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3. Get active

It can be tempting to nap as soon as you arrive in a new time zone, especially after a painfully long flight. But don’t. As soon as you arrive in a new place, you want to move as much as you can. I swear by breaking a sweat as soon as I hit my destination. Any physical activity you do throughout your first day will help you sleep better that night and will get your vacation off to a fantastic start.

4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Bringing my empty BKR reusable water bottle with me on every flight I take is my MO. This way, I can get through security with it, fill it up at one of the water fountains in the airport, and have a big thing of water to keep me hydrated all day. It’s a well known fact that flying dehydrates your skin and your entire body. Drinking water throughout your flight (and staying away from caffeine & alcohol, which dehydrate you) will help to alleviate jet lag symptoms upon landing.

I also use some great skincare products, to make sure my skin is as hydrated as I am and feeling fresh when I land! You can read more about my faves in this post here!

5. Stretch it out

Being cramped in a crowded airplane combined with the overall stress of travel can make jet lag even worse. A quick yoga sesh, whether in your hotel room, or in the “yoga room” of terminal 2 SFO, will help you relax and quickly get your body, and your energy levels back to normal.


6. Take melatonin or Zzzquil for sleep

When it’s time to go to bed in your new destination, a natural hormonal supplement can help to relax your body a half hour before sleep, aiding in easing you into a new time zone and minimizing the effects of jet lag. My favorite is Zzzquil’s new melatonin+ gummies – there are no drugs in them, just natural sleep-enhancing herbal cures and they taste so good!! I always keep them in my carry-on. I also always have a good eye mask with me to make sure I’m getting quality beauty sleep on the flight (my favorite is this silk one by Slip)

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