My Top 10 Summer Travel Essentials To Buy Right Now

Summer is officially here and I could not be more excited! ‘Tis the season of sunshine, barbecues, pool parties and traveling!  Oh and did I mention shopping? I wanted to round up my must-buys for all of your guys’ fun Summer travels… after all, what good is having a new vacation in the works if you don’t have a few new fun summer essentials to bring with you?

Each and every thing on this list helps make my life a little better when I’m traveling – and I know they will yours too šŸ™‚ So, get ready to hit the beaches in Montauk, bask in the sun in Bali, and dive into the cenotes of Tulum. SUMMER IS HERE!

Bisous Sunglasses

I love Bisous’s sunglasses so much that I (no joke) own 3 pairs. Each and every one of their styles is so cute, fits so well, and are the perfect everyday glasses for any occasion. They’re also mostly co-ed, so Kenny and I share a couple pairs. But I also love the ultra feminine Hannah style.

S’well Water Bottle

When people ask me the #1 thing that’s always in my carry-on – it’s hands down my S’well Water Bottle. I am notorious for buying new ones all the time – since they’re always coming out with beautiful new designs (like this tie dye one)!!  This bottle comes in such handy when I’m flying and needing to stay hydrated (seriously, the most important thing you can do while flying to fight dehydration and avoid jetlag is to KEEP drinking water throughout your entire flight), and when I’m trying to stay hydrated in a destination – especially if you’re in a beachy, more remote, or hotter destination, these water bottles keep your water cold for 12+ hours!!!! It’s incredible.  (I am notorious for always filling up my S’well every morning with ice-cold fruit-infused resort lobby water – is there any better way to start the day?)

JETSET TIP: When flying, always carry an empty water bottle through security, and fill it up once you get through. Say goodbye to ever spending $6 on a bottle of water in the airport again.


The perfect leather travel backpack

This travel bamboo leather backpack from Mark & Graham might just be the single greatest gift I’ve ever gotten myself. It is made from luxurious Italian leather and accented with a gorgeous bamboo handle – it fits my laptop perfectly and a ton of other things, making it perfect to travel around the world with. It’s even convertible into a tote, too, for when you don’t feel like carrying it on your back!

Dr. Dennis Gross Sunless Tanning Glow Pads for Face

We all know tanning your face is about the worst thing you can do to it (and will have you welcoming wrinkles WAY too soon) so I am addicted to this stuff for a natural face glow before I head on a beach vacation

This Sun Hat

Speaking of protecting your face from the sun, this sun hat has gone with me EVERYWHERE this summer. It is SO cute and goes with absolutely everything. 

The perfect eye mask

When it comes to sleeping on planes, there’s two things that I swear by – a good chill spotify playlist and a great eye mask! Seriously, headphones and music to block out the noise of the plane and a silky-smooth eye mask is the recipe for quality shuteye on redeyes, every single time.  I saw this one for under $20 on Amazon and I’m obsessed. Makes for the perfect gift yourself or a friend that loves to travel.

My silk eyemask I can’t fly (or fight jet lag) without 

These running/walking/travel everyday sneaker shoe

 that are literally the best and comfiest in the world

This suitcase.

It’s the best I’ve EVER had. 

*Please note that this post contains affiliate links to some products! If you choose to buy one of these products I recommended, I would so appreciate you using these links to do so! An affiliate link basically just means that at no cost to you at all, I get a small kickback from the brand’s site for bringing them your business! I am extremely selective about who I choose to promote and never recommend anything that I don’t 100% LOVE & think you will, too! If you have any questions at all, please see my advertiser & affiliate policy page here.

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