Visiting Napa Valley with a Baby: the Best Baby-Friendly and Kid-friendly Wineries in Napa and Sonoma

Can you travel to Napa with a baby? Of course! You just need to know where to go. Which is what I’m here for!

You all know how much I love Napa! I grew up an hour away and have visited more times than I can count. But, this year, things are a little different! As Kenny and I are getting ready for our first trip back to Napa and Sonoma since becoming a family of three, so many questions raced through my head – can you bring a baby to Napa? Is Napa or Sonoma kid-friendly? What is there to do with a baby in Napa? Should we bring our baby to Napa wine country? Can you wine taste while breastfeeding? After all, when you think of Napa, you don’t exactly think of it as being kid-friendly, but, then again, nothing sounds better to me than sitting outside at a beautiful vineyard with my baby in the stroller and cheersing my husband. So why shouldn’t we travel to Napa with a baby? Especially since I’ve had great conversations with so many of you in my DMs about life with a baby only being the beginning of a whole new world of adventure and travel, and how having a baby shouldn’t stop us from going anywhere, really, especially at this age – when he’s still a baby! So, I focused on how we are SO excited to bring him to a place that is so special to us, and went to work on researching just where we could – and couldn’t – go with a baby in Napa. I called ALL of my favorite wineries, and got the details on whether they’re kid-friendly, and baby-friendly, or not, and wanted share what I found with you guys! 

There are hundreds of incredible wineries in Napa Valley, and while you’ll find that most wineries in Napa strictly require all guests in the party on property to be over 21, there are also several that are baby-friendly and entirely family-friendly!!! You just have to seek them out, and know where to go. Many of the baby-friendly wineries I’ve rounded up below have great outdoor spaces, too, so it’s the perfect place to spend a relaxing vacation as a family while the adults get to enjoy world-class wine.

JETSET TIP: Once you’ve made your tasting reservations, call or email the winery to let them know you’ll be bringing a baby and stroller so that they can plan your seating around a stroller-friendly table!

The Best Wineries in Napa to Visit with a Baby

Grgich Hills Estate

Photo courtesy of The California Wine Club

Grgich Hills Estate is one of my favorite wineries because it’s the perfect combination of great wine and a great atmosphere! In the 1970s, winemaker Mike Grgich’s chardonnay was dubbed “the best white wine in the world” in the famed Paris Tasting, so you know it’s good! Mike and his Croatian family are incredible. You can feel the love and care they put into this family-run venture from the moment you step onto the property. I was so happy to learn that it’ll be a family-friendly place for us to make new memories as a family of three! If you have children who no longer stay in strollers, just know that they must remain seated with their parents throughout the tasting experience.

Caymus Vineyards

Photo courtesy of Wagner Family of Wines

Caymus Vineyards has an absolute picturesque outdoor tasting area, which makes it one of my favorite places to spend time at! They allow infants on the property, they just ask that all guests of any age are included in the reservation count so that a table large enough to accommodate strollers can be assigned if necessary.


AXR is one of my absolute favorite wineries!! I LOVE their chardonnay and their delicious single-vineyard cabs! I always end up buying a case to take home here. AXR is surrounded by redwoods that capture the history of Napa but with an edgy, modern, and fun atmosphere! Their outdoor patio is the place to be during summer, so I can’t wait to spend time here as a family of three! They are fully family-friendly, so we will be visiting for years to come.


Photo courtesy of North Bay Business Journal

Rombauer has always been my go-to chardonnay. This winery is super popular, and babies and children of all ages are allowed at the wine tasting, which is awesome. 

Mira Winery

Photo courtesy of Mira Winery

Mira is another one of my favorites. It’s a family-owned winery focused on sustainable farming and using only Napa-grown fruit to create its dynamic wines. It’s a place that often flies under the radar, which makes it perfect for a relaxed afternoon! Babies are welcome to join, and the property is stroller friendly!

Hall Winery

With its prime family-friendly location in St. Helena, HALL Wines is a must-stop when traveling to Napa Valley with kids or babies. The outdoor area is perfect for kids and the whole winery is flat so great for strollers, too. The Great Lawn is also the best spot to play around after your tasting or post up with a picnic lunch! And their wines are SO, so good.

Palmaz Vineyards

Palmaz is such a unique winery to visit because of its fusion of tradition and technology (your mind will be blown during your tasting!!). Palmaz is also well-known by its club members for its Argentinean cookout parties. The love for food here is almost as incredible as the wine! During the summer, Palmaz also does a small production of an amazing rosé, which you have to try if you’re there. They allow infants on the property, but they ask that you notify them that you will be bringing a child once you book your reservation.

Castello di Amorosa

Photo courtesy of Castello di Amorosa

This property is absolutely beautiful (it’s literally a castle!) and one of the best spots to go if you’re new to Napa! Infants are allowed, but strollers are not due to safety issues with the cobblestones on the property. So, if you plan to bring your baby, be sure to bring a car seat or baby carrier/wrap.

Castello di Amorosa is family-friendly for all ages! For children and young adults ages 2 – 20, they have a tasting experience with grape juice so that the whole family can participate together (how fun is that?!). Anyone in this age group must purchase a minor’s ticket, which is $25, but kids under two are free! After your tasting, be sure to explore the property — it’s incredible!

Tres Sabores

Photo courtesy of Tres Sabores

Tres Sabores is a family-owned-and-operated vineyard that is known for being “a portal to old Napa.” They focus on an intimate tasting experience and true enjoyment of the stunning outdoor space. It’s fully family-friendly (no charge for minors joining), so infants in strollers are welcome to join for tastings! It’s also dog-friendly (with a dog reservation) if you’re local or traveling with your pup.

Raymond Vineyards

Photo courtesy of Raymond Vineyards

Raymond Vineyards has a variety of tasting experiences ranging from casual outdoor cabanas to luxe indoor lounges, so you can make your day here fit whatever vibe you’re feeling! Babies in strollers are totally fine to bring along, and they don’t need to be included in your reservation. Kids are allowed, too, but if they are at an age where they will be sitting at the table, you’ll need to include them in the reservation count (but they won’t be charged since they aren’t tasting). 

V. Sattui

Photo courtesy of V. Sattui

V. Sattui is the perfect place for a casual day and a picturesque wine country picnic! They have two acres of land to explore and a deli onsite where you can grab food for a picnic to enjoy with your wine. If you are bringing the kids, you will have to sit outside because the inside of the winery only has bar seating.

Frog’s Leap

Photo courtesy of Frog’s Leap

Frog’s Leap has beautiful grounds and gardens focused on sustainable, organic farming. The founder of Frog’s Leap was the only employee of Stag’s Leap when their ’73 cab won the famous Paris tasting, and Frog’s Leap truly lives up to that early passion for wine! Infants and children are able to join for signature seated tastings before noon, just be sure to call to make your reservation if you plan on bringing a baby or child.

Cakebread Cellars

I love Cakebread’s chardonnay and cabernets, so wine tasting here is always great. It’s a quick tasting experience located right off of Highway 29, making it an easy stop on a busy wine tasting day. They have an incredible patio that’s the perfect spot to spend a beautiful summer day! Cakebread offers a family experience daily at 10 AM where infants and children can join their parents for the tasting and tour of the grounds.

Hoopes Vineyard

Photo courtesy of Hoopes Vineyard

Hoopes is a great place for a casual, outdoor day as a family! This oasis is a regenerative farm, animal sanctuary, and farmers market with the most beautiful gardens and outdoor seating. They’re fully family and stroller-friendly!

Beringer Vineyards

Photo courtesy of Beringer

This family-owned winery has been around since the 1800s and is an iconic place to see for first-time Napa-goers! While some of the tasting experiences require everyone in the party to be 21+, they also have an experience called Discover Beringer which is a self-guided tour around the stunning property and wine cave for all ages. The Discover Beringer experience is $30 per person for everyone who will enjoy a glass of wine, $15 for non-drinkers, $10 for ages 12 – 20, and free for infants and children under 11. The property is stroller-friendly, too!

We took Harrison back to my hometown and to all of our favorite spots in Napa this month! This is only the start of our adventures as a family of three, and I hope this inspires you to continue doing what you love as your family grows!!

How to get around wine country

The easiest way to get around Napa Valley with a group is to pre-arrange a driver or limo to take you around for the day!



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