The Best E-Bike Brand You Need in Your Life

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One of my personal goals for 2023 is to continue to better myself every day and to live a healthy, more sustainable lifestyle. As y’all probably already know, health and wellness are very important to Kenny and me! As entrepreneurs, we’re on the clock 24/7/365, and that comes with a LOT of stress, overwhelm, and burnout if you let it!! So, we try to do everything we can to avoid working ourselves too hard, while of course achieving everything we want to! And now that we have Harrison, staying healthy, and as stress-free as possible, has become even more important to us as a family as we raise our son. One of the key ways we avoid work burnout and general stress is to stay active every day! We both feel our best when we’re keeping active, but finding the time to do something every day can be tough – which is why I got an electric bike this year!

Since moving to Charleston, we have found ourselves wanting to be out and about exploring our city nonstop! Many times, we take family walks with Harrison in his stroller, but now, we have a new way to cruise around town – with our Blix Bike! It really has opened up the city for us, and I love that it gives Kenny and I a way to stay healthy – even when just running out for a quick grocery run or stroll around the neighborhood. I think I saw a quote somewhere that said, “you’re just one bike ride away from a better mood.” and it is REALITY, y’all. Need to feel refreshed before a big meeting? Hop on your Blix bike. Having a bad day? Turn it around on your Blix bike. Want to feel more energized and overall healthier? Take a stroll around on your Blix! It’s chic, the colors are amazing, and I feel like I can go anywhere in it – you can ride it as a regular bike or turn on the ‘electric’ aspect of it if you need a little extra power to get you where you need to go!

The Best E-Bike Brand to Buy: The Blix Bike

Blix Bikes have been around for almost 10 years, and in that time, they have become one of the fastest-growing and most popular e-bike brands in the entire country! The whole goal of Blix Bikes is to help people create a more fun and healthy lifestyle by providing them with an e-bike that has just as must style as it does utility. And, as an added bonus, while most e-bikes come with a hefty price tag, Blix Bikes are very reasonably priced compared to some of their competitors. You may have seen Blix Bikes in Forbes, Tech Crunch, Digital Trends, and several other publications recently.

Why I chose to Get an E-Bike From Blix Bikes

There are many ebike brands out there these days, so how do you choose from the best E-bike brands? Here’s why I chose Blix.

1. You are Guaranteed to Love It

Blix Bike offers a 100% guarantee that you will love your bike. If you don’t you can return it at no penalty! All bikes also come with a warranty just in case you need it down the road.

2. Blix Bike Offers Free Shipping

If you live within the continental U.S., you are in luck – your Blix Bike will be shipped to you for FREE!

3. You Will Always be Supported

Blix Bike has an incredible customer service team that works with their customers via phone, email, social, and chat.

4. Blix Bike Offers Test-Rides

You wouldn’t buy a car without test-driving it first, so it’s understandable that you may want to “test-ride” your bike, too! Blix Bike has test-ride locations all across the U.S. including California, Oregon, Massachusetts, Arizona, Virginia, Colorado, North Carolina, and more! Click here for a full list of test-ride locations.

5. You Can Always Accessorize to Ensure Your Bike is at its Best for Your Needs

Need a basket or a rack to carry things in? Blix Bike has you covered. How about a rear or passenger cushion for the kiddos? Yep, they have that too! Want a place in the garage to store the bike without it taking up space on the ground? Grab a Blix Bike bike rack! Whatever accessories you need, Blix Bike has them!

Which Blix Bike is Best for You?

There aren’t just one or two e-bikes to choose from on the Blix website. There are six!!! So no matter what you plan to use your e-bike for (running errands, a ride with the kids, mountain biking, etc.), there is a bike for you. To make it as easy as possible for their customers to find the bike that is best for them, Blix Bikes made this quiz!! So handy!

They also have tons of colors to choose from once you find your perfect bike. I have the baby blue! And how gorgeous is this seafoam green?!


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