What to Pack a Toddler for a Beach Vacation – Toddler Vacation Packing List

Ready to hit the beach with your little one for some sun-kissed fun? Just thinking about what to pack for a beach vacation with a toddler can be completely overwhelming, but I’m here to make it easier. It’s all about packing smart (and not packing everything but the kitchen sink!!!) So let’s get you sorted with all the toddler travel essentials, plus a few lifesaver items you’ll be thanking yourself for bringing along. From sun-safe essentials to keep those chubby cheeks burn-free, to the cutest little swim gear and sand toys to spark those adorable giggles, here’s my guide for the ultimate toddler beach vacation packing list. And because we know those little moments of downtime are pure gold, I’ll even share some sneaky tips on how to keep the peace and quiet rolling, all while keeping your luggage light and ready for every family adventure. 


This is #1 prio!!! I always make sure when packing my toddler for vacation, I don’t forget his sunscreen. This is what we use for him and we love it!!! I recommend mineral sunscreen for toddlers, and reapplying often.

A floatie

Especially if you are traveling to a beach destination with kids, they’ll love bringing a fun floatie along!

We brought this one for my toddler!

Swim diapers

Don’t forget to pack swim diapers – which will be much more comfortable in the pool & sea than your toddler’s normal diapers, since the regular ones get heavy, over-inflated and soggy the second they hit the water. Here’s what we use:

Cute toddler swimwear


matching swimwear with dad!!


Sand Toys

I swear my toddler could keep himself SO busy in the sand all day as long as he has the right toys – making for a great vacation for all of us to have a little bit of a breather on the beach from chasing around our wild man constantly – LOL!

Water shoes or Flip Flops

Either water shoes or flip flops will help keep feet a little more comfortable and protect them from the hot sand or if the sand is a little on the rockier side. Here are my recs for both!

Robeez Boys & Girls Slip Resistant Neoprene Aqua Slip-On Shoes for Summer, Beach, Pool - Infant/Toddler, 0-24 Months Native Shoes Girl's Charley (Toddler/Little Kid)

Beach Hat

Beach hats are key for protecting your toddler’s face from the sun! Plus, how cute!!!!!

This is our son Harrison’s hat! So cute and he loves it!!!

wearing his favorite sandals here too

and here are some cute versions for a little girl!

Poplin Sun Hat image number 1 - image with zoom

Straw Sun Hat image number 0 - image with zoom

A Rash Guard

For extra sun protection!

Toddler Sunglasses

These are hit on miss on if your toddler will actually wear them – but if they will, they can be a savior for their eyes in the bright sun! Plus, they are so so cute.

This is the toddler sunglass brand we use – and they come in lots of different colors and styles.

Cute toddler beach outfits

this is my favorite shirt our toddler Harrison owns!

Toys for the flight

Keeping a toddler occupied on a flight is no easy feat! But toys (especially new ones that you give them the day-of travel!) are the answer!

Harrison loves this book and it helps him understand airplanes and our travel days!

he loves this doodle board on travel days!

sticker books are your best friend when traveling with a toddler!

Harrison doesn’t go anywhere without a ball in hand, so we always pack lots!



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