The Best Holiday Gift Guide for Jetsetters

You guys… it’s THE HOLIDAY SEASON!!! While I’m a big fan of Christmas movies, fireplaces, and spending time with family, we all know the best part about the holiday season is that it means VACAY

You, and everyone else, are more than ready for that well-earned end of year vacay this holiday season, this year more than ever, which is why gifts that are great for travel are the perfect present to get all of our loved ones this year.

I’ve rounded up the BEST holiday gifts for travelers in 2021 (and some stocking stuffers for jetsetters, too!) to help give you guys some awesome holiday gift ideas for your sister, mom, friend, or girlfriend. Anyone that loves to travel. And ladies – make sure you send this link over to anyone shopping for you!

Paravel Packing Cubes 

These are by far the best packing cubes in the game, yall. And you can get them personalized & monogrammed for the jetsetter in your life!

Shop the paravel packing cube trio here

Beis Seatback Organizer

How creative is this little leather organizer for your in-flight seatback to keep all your important things handy?!

The Jet Set Goop Sunscreen Kit

Anyone who travels is in constant need of good sunscreen – and this one is the best of the best! Plus it’s super cute.


Allbirds shoes 

You guys. I live in these shoes. I love the sleek white ones, but they come in so many cool colors, too. And if you know someone that doesn’t have them yet, this is a no-brainer gift for the holidays. They’re perfect for guys, girls, brothers, sisters, moms, dads, and ANYONE traveling or adventuring around a new city – I literally wear them on every travel day, in every airport, because they’re like walking on clouds! I also like that the tree runners can double as gym shoes so I don’t have to pack both sneakers and running shoes when I’m going on vacation. Such a win.

Slip Eye Mask & Pillowcase Travel Set

This super-chic travel set from Slip is a must-have for any girl who’s always traveling. Their fab silk pillowcase and eye mask both help to fight aging, wrinkles, and bedhead while you sleep, and they make for a great, comfy airplane set for when you’re trying to get some shuteye on that 20 hour flight to Bali.

A Gray Malin Coffee Table Book

Because who doesn’t have this on their wish list? I’m obsessed with these coffee table books, and they make for the perfect gift. 

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

The Rolls-Royce of hairdryers, if you’re stumped on what to get the lady in your life, look no further than Dyson’s amazing hair dryer that she no doubt has wanted FOREVER but hasn’t bitten the bullet on buying herself.

It’s super lightweight, making it ideal for travel.

Dyson - Supersonic™ Hair Dryer White

Noise-cancelling headphones

Sony’s WH1000-XM3’s are the absolute best quality noise-cancelling headphones out there, and my LIFESAVER for surviving long flights. They completely cancel out noise (let’s say, a baby crying in the row next to you when you’re on a redeye), and also adjust to the level of noise-canceling to whatever you want, depending on where you are.  They last 30 hours one a single battery and a quick 15-minute charge will give you two and a half hours more of battery life. 


A candle that reminds them of traveling’s Travel Planner 

This adorable paradise-themed travel planner by planner-experts is the ideal gift for the frequent traveler who loves to stay organized, and dream up her next trip. It’s packed with travel tips, packing lists, postcards, a language converter, stickers, and so much more!

GoToob’s Travel Tubes!

GoToob is my Go-To for travel, and they make the best stocking stuffer for travel lovers! I love their patented soft silicone travel bottles for storing 3 oz’s of all of my liquids when I travel in a carry on, or even when I’m trying to save space in my checked bag. I have one for my cleanser, one for my hair shampoo and conditioner, one for toner, and multiple for lotions. They have big openings, making them easy to fill as well as clean, and they’re even food safe! So if you want to pack your favorite hot sauce for your next trip – you do you! (No, seriously, my boyfriend fills one with Cholula hot sauce when we go abroad for months at a time, ha!)

A travel jewelry case!

Another thing that’s going on my own holiday wish list this year is Mark & Graham’s personalized travel jewelry case. I’m the one who is SO disorganized with their jewelry when I travel, and they always end up rolled up in eachother or (worst case!!!) lost in transit. I need this so bad! And I’m sure so many travel-loving girls out there could use one, too!

A beautiful leather passport case

I love this white leather “OUI OUI” case, or this “I’m Outta Here” case, so perfect for anyone traveling the world, studying abroad, or just dreaming up their next vacay!


A Kimono!

If you want to get her something she’s guaranteed to love, pick out one of Kenny Flowers‘ chic vacation robes. These lightweight, super-soft kimonos are always in my suitcase. They’re seriously the best kimonos, and they look great on everyone – everywhere! I love that I can wear them while getting ready, over a bikini on the beach, or out at night over jeans and a top. These tropical kimonos are super versatile, fun, and perfect for her 2019 travels. Use the code JETSET for 20% off your entire order 🙂

This beautiful travel necklace

Okay this plane necklace is just PLANE beautiful. The perfect gift for the girl who loves to jetset.

The perfect vacay hat

No literally, a vacation hat. How cute is this dad hat for any and all travel days?

Mark & Graham Leather Travel Backpack

This travel bamboo leather backpack from Mark & Graham might just be the single greatest gift I’ve ever gotten. I use it every day! It is made from luxurious Italian leather and accented with a gorgeous bamboo handle – it fits my laptop perfectly and a ton of other things as well, making it perfect to travel around the world with. It’s even convertible into a tote, too, for when you don’t feel like carrying it on your back!

A travel gift card

Some of my absolute favorite Christmas gifts from relatives have been a travel or flight gift card. I mean, how thoughtful is that!? That’s a gift that any jetsetter is guaranteed to make the most of. And get really excited about.


Happy holiday shopping!! and holiday TRAVELING!!!




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