How and Where To Get A COVID Test In Cabo or Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Before Returning to the USA

Where can you get a COVID test in Cabo or Puerto Vallarta before heading home to the USA? And how much do COVID tests in Cabo cost? I’ve go you covered.

If you guys have been following along on Instagram stories and my most recent trip to Cabo, you know that in a recent effort to slow the spread of the new and more transmissible COVID variant, the CDC expanded an order to require a negative coronavirus test from international airline passengers 72 hours prior to departure to the USA (or documentation that you have recovered from the virus). This means that US citizens traveling abroad will now be required to show documentation of a negative test result before re-entering the U.S. beginning January 26th, 2021. 

Ok, I know what you’re thinking…what does this mean for those of you who have upcoming trips to Mexico??? One of my ALL TIME favorite destinations. 

First of all, let’s take a deep breath (or a biggg swig of a margarita) because there is no reason to cancel or change your vacation to Mexico in 2021!!! Everything is going to be just fine! 

There is a super simple solution here and I’ve got you covered. Just like traveling anywhere else right now (like the Maldives or Puerto Rico), the U.S. is hopping on board with requiring the negative test result to travel — just a quick swab added to your plans, no need to panic! Let’s break it down.


  1. Documentation of a negative coronavirus test result within 72 hours of boarding. RAPID TEST RESULTS WILL BE ACCEPTED along with PCR test results (this is huge! They are much easier, faster, and less expensive). 
  2. As an alternative, passengers can show written or electronic documentation of recovery from COVID-19 after previous infection in the form of a positive viral test result and a letter from a licensed health care provider or public health official stating the passenger has been cleared to travel.

It is great that they are accepting Rapid test results because they are significantly cheaper tests, and you’ll have your results back within an hour and won’t have to go into a clinic so far in advance. I would recommend a Rapid test be done 1-2 days prior to your flight to be safe. PCR tests are still the more reliable option but from my research they are definitely more expensive  especially in Cabo and you’ll need to get them done at least 72 hours prior to departure (results come back within 48-72 hours).

So what do you do if you have an upcoming trip to Cabo or Puerto Vallarta / Punta Mita? Below, I have taken the time to compile all of the locations in the surrounding Cabo area where you can get a COVID test done so that you don’t have to! Instead, focus on blissing out at your resort and soaking up the sun (or tequila, DO YOU, AMIGO). 


Start by Talking to Your Hotel or Villa in Cabo

Most hotels are offering testing for affordable prices (and sometimes even free!) Check in with your resort to see if they are offering in-room tests like many others are starting to do. Some resorts, like The Excellence Collection, who has multiple resorts in both Cabo and Cancun, are now offering FREE PCR tests to any guest staying with them (and if you happen to test positive you are given a significantly discounted rate to extend your stay until you are cleared). I love this response to the situation, it makes things so much easier when you don’t have to leave the resort or worry about getting to an appointment while you’re on vacation time. Other hotels have agreements with local laboratories to come to your room and test you 72 hours prior to your departure at a cost of between $125-$350 depending on the hotel. If you want to save a little money opt for the rapid test which is typically between $60-$120 at local labs.


Blue Net Hospitals

Which tests offered: PRC (in home/hotel is available) Results within 48-72 hours

Phone: 624-104-3911

Hours: Business days


Hospital H+

Which tests offered: Rapid (results within 1hour), PCR (results within 48-72 hours), Antigen Test (results within 48hrs)

Phone: 624-104-9300

Hours: 24hr

Cost: Rapid test ~$60-80, PRC ~$275

They also have an informative Facebook page here!

Labrotorios Helena

Which tests: PRC (results within 48-72 hrs)

Phone: 624-143-3132

Hours: 7am-7pm Monday-Friday

Cost: ~$80 (one of cheapest I’ve found)


Which tests offered: PCR (48-72 hours for results) and Rapid Tests (results in 15 minutes)

Phone: 624-145-6000

Hours: Business days (aka no weekends)

Cost: ~$327

Micro Med Labs

Which tests are offered:  PCR (results in 48-72 hours)

Phone: 624-690-2425

Hours: 24hours

Cost: ~$327

AMC Hospitals

Which tests offered: Rapid (results in 30-40 minutes), PCR (results in 48-72 hours)

Phone: 624-143-4911

Hours: Business Days

Cost: Unknown

Luxury Clinic and Lab

Which tests offered: PCR (results within 36-48 hours)

Phone: 624-247-1706

Hours: Business days

Cost: unknown

Cabo Hotels that are offering on-site PCR tests as of right now that I know of include:

*If your hotel isn’t on this list right now, don’t worry! Give them a call and ask!!! Or check their latest instagram posts. They still might be offering it, or about to roll it out*

Mar Del Cabo– cost is $290

Grand Velas Los Cabos-cost is $290

Barcelo Grand Faro Los Cabos-cost is $275

Hacienda Encantada Resort and Residences– cost is $325

Marina Fiesta Resort and Spa-cost $325

Tesoro Los Cabos-cost $350

Puerto Vallarta / Punta Mita Hotels offering on-site PCR tests As Advertised Right Now:

Buenaventure Grand Hotel-cost $153

Grand Palladium Resort and Spa-cost $250

Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit-cost $250

Villa Premiere Boutique Hotel-cost $153

Villa Premiere Boutique Hotel

If you guys find any other good options be sure to link them in the comments! On that note, I’m off to enjoy some more Cabo sol! Cheers!

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  • Charles Hess

    SETAC in Puerto Vallarta is offering tests for COVID with a Certificate within 24 hours for $180 at their center, or $250 at your hotel. Information is on their FaceBook page.

    January 19, 2021
  • Sara

    Omg thank you for this! I can’t believe how expensive it is though! Any clinic in particular you’d recommend? We are staying at grand velas but don’t really want to pay $290! Thank you!!

    January 23, 2021
  • Gina

    Sayulita COVID Testing Center was super easy. Results within hours. I know it’s not PV proper, but being around Punta Mita/Sayulita/San Pancho I found this to be the fastest, super professional and least expensive testing center

    April 7, 2021