The Best Luxury Villa in Cabo : Review of Mantea Casa Villa in Pedregal

When you think Cabo, if all you think of are wild Mexico bachelorette parties, college spring breaks, and casual weekends with friends, you’re missing out on the best, most surprising aspect of this beautiful peninsula of California – the luxury side of Cabo San Lucas.

As soon as you drive into the gates of Pedregal, a secure community of multi-million-dollar luxury Mexico villas, beautiful Cabo resorts nestled on cliffs, and an expansive beach below, you feel as if you’re being transported to another world – your own personal paradise.

But you don’t even know what you’re in for yet.

The gates to Mantea Casa Cabo open, and you see a full staff waving at you, greeting you. They offer to take your bags, give you a cold towel, and get you settled. They hand you a margarita, and begin a tour around the absolutely breathtaking villa that you’ll call home for the next few days.

You immediately think you’re at a resort, but then realize…. this place is entirely yours.

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There are 2 infinity pools and a hot tub at Mantea Casa (overlooking the most beautiful view of Mexico that I have ever seen), and 8 impressive, spacious, luxe bedrooms. There’s a private gym, stocked with anything and everything you can imagine (no, seriously, it’s better than my gym back home). There’s even a sauna, with windows looking out onto the Pacific. There’s an outdoor shower, an indoor shower with more shower heads than you could even imagine. Every corner of the villa feels like a dream. There’s surround sound, which you can hook up to your own Spotify playlists and control the music for each and every room of the house. There’s a private chef. There’s a private bar and bartender, pouring up the most delicious Mexican cocktails you can imagine, or whatever you’re feeling like that day. The staff isn’t just friendly, they feel like your friends. Their goal is to be invisible, until you need them, but you’ll find they are always there the second you need them, as if reading your mind when it’s time for another cocktail, or an afternoon snack of fresh guac and chips.  It’s amazing. The service is next-level, and raises the bar on any luxury resort in the world. Gallery image of this property

The area of Pedregal reminds me of a Mexican Santorini, with cliffsides filled with stunning villas. This villa is on prime real estate overlooking the Pacific, is brand new, and is the most tech-savvy villa that I’ve ever stayed in. Think modern amenities like remote-control window shades, and a digital touch screen shower with “user presets” for temperature and pressure. For a second, you feel like you’re in Disney’s Smart House, except even better. 

Activities at Mantea Casa Cabo

The staff can help you organize anything and everything you want to do around Cabo, including unique experiences like glamping on a nearby beach, exploring the town, or whale-watching.

It’s funny because when you plan a trip to Cabo, you usually have all these activities you want to do, places you want to see, but the second you see this villa, you kindaaaa feel like you  don’t want to leave it your entire trip. Which is fine. Do you! there’s every single thing you could possibly need in the villa, and the chef Felipe will whip up the best, freshest, most innovative meals for you whenever you want them. That plus bartender Jezel’s concoctions and you seriously may never leave the whole trip.

It’s no wonder Mantea Casa Cabo is a favorite among celebrities and the jet-setting elite. The villa experience feels more like you’re on a private yacht than staying in a villa – oh, did I mention you also have access to Mantea’s private yacht, Savi, too? Just in case you want to get out on the water, see the sun set, or go see Lover’s Arch. It’s a dreamy yacht, too, and was one of my highlights of the trip. 

And, when you’re done with your relaxing sunset cruise around Cabo on Savi Yacht, you can return to your favorite place in all of Mexico- your Mantea Casa home.

You can even schedule a couples massage right there in the villa, since ya know, you’ve had a hard day. Not only is it amazing that the villa has its own massage spa area connected to the master bedroom, but their onsite masseuses are some of the best I’ve had anywhere in the world – I was super impressed. 


The food and drinks at Mantea Casa Cabo

You can trust your private chef and bartender at Mantea to take care of your every need, and they are especially careful and helpful with special dietary restrictions and allergies (I’m allergic to peanuts and eating in the villa was so much easier than worrying about ordering at every restaurant in a foreign language and trying to explain my allergy!). We ate things like Spanish paella with prawns and lobster, quesadillas with fresh smoked marlin, fresh caught fish, and homemade fajitas. Felipe will cater to your tastes and what you like the most. One day, we had the most to-die-for gazpacho, and the next, seeing how much I loved it, Felipe made it again for me for lunch. It was incredible, and we felt so cared for the entire trip. 

Oh, and if you have any special requests (types of alcohol or specific foods you love), you can let them know ahead of the trip and they’ll make sure to have it for you while you’re there. 

If you’re looking for the nicest place to stay in Cabo, or Mexico, or the world really, then show up to Mantea Casa in Pedregal and order the drink of your choice at your private bar. If you like margaritas, this one comes fresh with squeezed limes and zero sugar. Everything here has been meticulously thought of and designed to be the ultimate luxurious experience – catered to you. 

Honestly, I can’t imagine a more perfect vacation than Mantea Casa Cabo. If you’re looking for the best place to stay in Cabo San Lucas, or the most luxurious retreat in Baja California, this is your spot. Grab your group of families or friends, book your flights, and have the vacation of your dreams. 

If you want to see my full experience at Mantea Casa Cabo, go to my instagram and click on the “Mexico” story highlight!

You can book or check out more about Mantea Casa Cabo here! Make sure to tell them Jetset Christina sent you when you book! And tell the chef and bartender I say hi!!!




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