The Best Gifts for Toddlers

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what’s on our holiday wish list for our toddler, and from family members wondering what’s the best gift for toddlers, so I figured I’d share some of our tried and true favorite toys right now for our 18-month-old, as well as things we’re asking for him for presents as he gets in that 18-24 month age range, and is going to be a two year old before I know it!!!

Here is a big list of all the best gifts for toddlers!

Mini Chef Convertible Helper Tower

We recently got this for our 17-month-old and he already loves it. I can tell this is going to be something he uses a lot over the next couple of years! and it helps me actually be able to get stuff done in the kitchen!

Swedish Slide

This Swedish slide will be your toddler’s new favorite thing, and will keep them entertained and occupied all day long!

Foamnasium Kids Couch

Harrison loves his toddler couch and jumps all over it every day! And this one is on sale this week!

A Tonie Box (and Tonies to go with it)

If there is ONE gift on every toddler parent’s wish list that I keep hearing about, it’s a Tonie Box. Every parent I’ve talked to swears by theirs, and say that it’s the best gift they own, and are great on things like long car rides!

Apparently, these little things are all the rage for around the 18 month old to 6 year old age range. So what is a Tonie Box exactly? The Tonie Box uses audio storytelling to introduce pre-readers and developing readers to the idea of reading and fun characters! The music and stories that come with each Tonie make a great activity for toddler playtime.You buy tonies to go with the box (but this one on sale right now comes with a starter pack of a few key favorites!), and you can even easily record relative’s voices on it so your kid can hear their loved ones messages!

Paw Patrol Tonie


Kindness Books Set

Here’s to raising kind kiddos! You can’t go wrong with gifting books. I swear we ALWAYS need new ones.

Musical Laama

We love everything Manhattan Toy Co and this Laama is too cute – plays music and is the perfect Montessori toy!

Lalo Play Table

This is on our wish list for this holiday season because lately our son has started getting into coloring (so cute) and this would be the perfect spot for all of his coloring and crafts!


Clock puzzle

The Cutest Keepsake Toy Trunk

This would make a great baby gift for any age – they have all kinds of colors, too! So cute.

Sticker Books

Harrison can’t get enough of his sticker books – and these are our favorite type because they’re easier for his little hands to grab at his age (17 months) 

The Lovevery Play Kit for Toddlers

Designed by experts for a child’s developing brain, Lovevery’s award-winning play products are the ideal gift for any toddler, and will keep them entertained at every age! Lovevery’s stage-based Play Kits are designed by child development experts to be exactly what children want and need at every stage – they’re also 100% child safe and made using sustainable materials like 100% FSC-certified sustainably harvested wood, organic cotton fabrics, and other non-toxic, child-safe materials.

Get $20 off by going through this link.

Coloring Supplies

Harrison has been so into coloring lately and it’s a new interest! (started around 16 months) it’s SO cute. We love these crayons and this sticker roll up coloring paper that you can stick anywhere! Makes for a great travel-friendly toy for toddlers

YPLUS Peanut Crayons for Kids, 24 Pastel Colors Washable Toddler Crayons, Non-Toxic Baby Crayons for ages 2-4, 1-3, 4-8, Coloring Art Supplies

Stuffed Football

How cute is this personalized stuffed football? Our son is OBSESSED with balls so this is a must! 


If the family you’re gifting loves to travel, this slumberpod is a MUST! It allows the baby to have a pitch-black environment no matter where they are (in a hotel room, living room, etc), allowing parents to be able to move around the room after toddler goes to bed.  We don’t travel without ours!!!



This “Anywhere Lounger” with their name on it

How cute!!! And has room for a friend or sibling too. 

Piccalio Play Gym

This is great because it can be easily set up and taken down in the house! So cute and fun for the littles.

Piccalio Little Chef Helper Tower

We just got this helper tower and Harrison LOVES it! 

Toddler Shoes

Now that they’re on the move, it’s likely they need many more pairs of shoes to toddle around in! We love nike’s and my toddler always gets compliments when he wears his!

Art Easel

Our art easel has been a HIT with our toddler, and I can only imagine it will continue to get more and more use.

Dollhouse book shelf

Such a good price on Amazon, too! Makes a perfect gift.

Personalized Puzzle

How cute is this personalized puzzle to teach your toddler about animals and how to spell their name!

Baby Shark Singalong Microphone

I don’t know about you guys but our baby boy LOVES baby shark. It’s sooooo cute, he loves to read this singalong book. But on our Christmas wish list is this microphone, too! I think he’s going to love it. 

Play Kitchen 

A play kitchen is the perfect gift for a toddler who wants to play house! 

Play Workbench

How cute is this for a little boy!?

Football sweatshirt

This cute monogrammed sweatshirt! Such a good deal, too! 

Whether you have an 16-month-old, an 18-month old, a 20-month-old or a two year old, I hope this holiday gifting guide helped you with what to gift a toddler for Christmas! Whether you’re gifting a toddler boy for christmas or a toddler girl for the holidays, these gifts are going to be a HIT!!!! Happy holidays!! xx



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