The Best Instagram Captions for a Trip to New York City

Planning a visit to the city that never sleeps? Chances are, you are going to get some seriously epic photos in New York City (especially if you check out my ultimate list of Instagrammable spots!!). And once you’re on the plane home scrolling through pictures and planning out your Instagram feed for the next few weeks, you are going to need some Instagram captions that are just as memorable. Here are the best Instagram captions for a trip to New York City!

1. Empire State of Mind

This one’s a classic. Perfect for just about any photo in New York, but especially one at the top of the Empire State Building (or with the Empire State Building in the background!).

2. xoxo… Gossip Girl

One of the most well-known TV shows filmed in New York City is Gossip Girl. Take a photo on the MET steps or in front of the Lotte New York Palace for this caption! Alternatively, you can just caption it “XOXO…” and leave ’em wanting more.

3. *cue the rom-com music*

Did you know that Central Park is the most filmed location in America?! There are soooo many iconic spots here from the bridges and arches to “The Mall” (AKA the long path lined with trees and park benches that you have undoubtedly seen in every NYC-based rom-com!).

4. Concrete jungle, where dreams are made of (there’s nothing you can’t do)

Another nod to Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” that I love!

5. Spotted

You can never have too many Gossip Girl references, am I right?! Love this one for Washington Street in DUMBO (AKA right outside the Humphreys’ loft in Brooklyn).

6. Enjoying every New York minute

There is such a thing as “a New York minute,” so why not enjoy every one?! You can also caption this as “Loving every New York minute” if you like that verbiage better.

7. Moments in Manhattan

This caption is great for a carousel of photos in the big apple!

8. Never MET a piece of this city I didn’t like

If you get a photo at The MET, post it with this caption!!

9. New York City… a love story

For those who have a full-on love affair with New York (or those who are seeing the city with their significant other).

10. Hey, Upper East Siders

Did you think the Gossip Girl quotes were done? Not quite! This one is perfect for a photo on the Upper East Side, of course.

11. It’ll always be New York or nowhere

Another classic for the lovers of NYC.

12. Living the high life on the High Line

This caption is ideal for any photos you get on the High Line (which is an elevated park on the west side of Manhattan and is a must-see!).

13. Channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw

Perfect for those photos in the West Village (AKA my favorite neighborhood!). If you happen to get a photo outside of the FRIENDS apartment in the West Village, you could also use the caption “Channeling my inner Rachel Green” (or one of the other characters).

14. Start spreading the news


“I’m leaving today… I wanna be a part of it – New York, New York!” It doesn’t get any more classic NYC than Sinatra.

15. The city that never sleeps

Love this caption for night shots in the city! Great for those going out photos, a night shot of Times Square, etc.

16. Welcome to New York – it’s been waiting for you

Taylor Swift said it best!

17. Meet me in Manhattan

Good for any photo in Manhattan!


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