How to get to Thomas Beach, Uluwatu : One of The Best Beaches in Bali

Thomas Beach, Uluwatu is what your Bali travel dreams are made of. Think: rolling waves covering a crystal-clear reef of aqua-blue water and stretches of sand and colorful beach umbrellas.

This beach used to be a “secret beach” in Bali – known only to the locals, and it’s still one of the most undiscovered beaches for most tourists visiting Bali. So while everyone and their mother goes to crowded Padang Padang when they come to Uluwatu, you guys came to JSC first – so you’ll know better! Skip Padang Padang and head straight to Thomas Beach. It’s hands down my favorite beach in Bali, and one of my very favorites in the entire world. In fact, I love it so much that up until now I’ve refused to write about it on the blog… but what the heck, you guys are my friends now and you deserve to know!!! Here’s how you get to Thomas Beach:

Thomas Beach is located half way between Padang Padang and Uluwatu on a largely unmarked pathway leading to the coastline. Type in “Thomas Guest House, Uluwatu” on Google Maps or head toward Padang Padang Beach, but keep going past it. You’ll need to look for this sign and you’ll know to turn.

Then, head to the end of the path and you’ll come across a small little shop selling drinks and snacks  – keep walking past it and down the path (it’s a tough walk! and even tougher coming up) all the way down to the beach! On the beach, you can rent an umbrella (it should be about 50k each) for the day, order a coconut, and enjoy Thomas Beach’s bliss.

You can also walk through some caves to some hidden beaches at low tide, which are so beautiful.

Where to stay near Thomas Beach:

De Sapphire Cliff Villa

If you’re looking for an affordable place to stay within walking distance to both Thomas Beach and Ulu Cliffhouse,   this little boutique hotel is perfect! The rooms are gorgeous and super affordable (around $100-$150 tops) for the location!!

Pink Coco Bali

Located just steps away from Thomas Beach is this beautiful and affordable gem. The price / location make it hard to beat – definitely book in advance! This one is always booked.


Enjoy Thomas Beach! 

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