5 Things That Every Traveler Should Own

OK jetsetters, I’ve stalked your guys’ Instagrams, I know you all are traveling a TON this summer, which means you’re busy packing your bags and getting ready to see the world. But, before you do, I want to break down some of my favorite travel essentials for you!! These five things have made my life so much easier on the road. And I know they’re going to make your vacations even better – from guaranteeing you easier shopping (#1), to easier packing (#4), and better sleep (#5)!

1. A debit card with no foreign transaction fees

While we’re pretty much cash-free in the US these days, most places around the world are far from it. Whether you’re hailing a taxi, paying for a meal, or shopping in a market, having cash on you is vital to making sure your vacation goes smoothly.  And, I don’t know about you guys but I definitely don’t like to rely on having to exchange a bunch of USD to foreign currency abroad, paying exorbitant exchange commission fees. And I definitely don’t like to use ATM’s abroad if my bank is going to upcharge me every single time. Which is why I love having a debit card with no foreign transaction fees. While most US banks charge astounding rates like $5 every time you use a foreign ATM, Needham Bank’s debit card works in any ATM in the world and they’ll reimburse you for every single machine fee automatically; essentially making every ATM a Needham Bank ATM. Every time I head to Bali, Mexico, Colombia, or any other cash-based society, I always make sure I have my NB Checking debit card with me, so that I can get out cash in their currency from any ATM there.

2. A kindle (and some good books!)

Reading and travel go hand-in-hand for me. There’s nothing I love more than having my toes in my sand and a great book in my hand, but, the reality is that carrying around a bunch of heavy books just does not work when you’re traveling a ton. Which is where Kindle comes in. I love filling it up with new downloads every trip I go on, from beach reads (some of my favorites are Big Little Lies, Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? and The Paris Wife & Love and Ruin), to business & life books (I love anything Malcolm Gladwell)

3. A great travel purse

A great travel purse is something to invest in. My Lo & Sons leather Pearl crossbody is my absolute favorite for traveling, and has lasted me 4 years of travels and counting. It’s super stylish and functional, and I love that it has all these different compartments and zippers to keep everything organized. I’m obsessed with it.

4. Packing cubes

When it comes to packing for any vacation, packing cubes are  a MUST! Seriously, you don’t realize how much these little cubes keep you organized while traveling until you try them. Not to mention keep your laundry separate from all your other clothes. They are the best!!!! These are the ones I use from Amazon 🙂


5. An eye mask

When it comes to fighting jet lag – there’s one thing I swear by – a great eye mask to make sure you’re getting good rest, whether you’re sleeping on a plane, or sleeping well once you get to your destination! This one by Bucky is the one I use,  but I also think this one below is amazing. (someone get me this for Christmas).

Happy travels! xx

*This post is sponsored by Needham Bank. Needham Bank is a member of the FDIC and a member of the SIF. As always, the views expressed are mine alone and based on personal experiences I’ve had with these products!

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