Travel Tech: The New Life-Changing App That Helps You Save Money And Plan Trips With Your Friends

If you’re anything like me, you’re always dreaming up that next trip you want to take. But, planning a trip isn’t easy, especially when it comes to saving up and getting the right people on board. So wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way to make your dream trip a reality? And better yet, do it with your friends?

The good news is the most brilliant minds in tech are ON IT. There is an AWESOME app coming out this Spring that I am so excited to tell you all about, because it is absolutely game-changing for the millennial traveler.

Tripcents is a travel app that is about making your dream trips a reality by not only automatically enabling users to build up a travel savings fund, but letting them receive personalized trip recommendations (for both themselves and their friends), based on trip preferences and available budget.

Picture this: You and your group of girlfriends have been wanting to take a trip together forever, but the idea of saving up, deciding on a destination, and finally biting the bullet on planning a trip exhausts you to no end – so you keep putting off the dream trips you KNOW you should take. And you end up wasting away at the office scrolling on your instagram feed instead, wishing you were on a beach somewhere drinking margaritas with your best friend.

Enter Tripcents. The app where you can all pool together a little travel savings each month, an app that encourages you to take the $15 you tend to spend on a glass of wine every Wednesday and put it into your travel savings fund instead.  And soon, the app is recommending you detailed hotel and flight options based on how much you (or your group) have saved. Screw that extra $15 wine glass, suddenly you and your 5 best girlfriends are going on a spa weekend to Napa Valley. It’s the perfect way to build and save up a travel fund for that dream trip with your friends, and to make those trips-of-a-lifetime a reality, and I love it.

So sign up here, and be among the first to get to use the app! Here’s to making your 2018 resolutions a reality. And if you need any inspo as to where to save up for – check out my Top Ten Places to Travel in 2018!


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