Rosetta Stone’s New ‘Your Plan’ Feature Makes it Even Easier to Learn a Language Before Your Next Trip

As you guys know by now, I’m a huge fan of using Rosetta Stone for making life easier when traveling the world. I always try to know at least a basic level of the native language of most places I travel to to help with getting around and chatting with the locals, and this app is a HUGE help. Through the Rosetta Stone app, you can learn a new language using just your phone and personalized lessons a few minutes a day — how amazing is that?!

I’ve used Rosetta Stone for learning Spanish to get around Colombia (there is barely any English spoken there!) and French in Paris, which let’s be honest was pretty much just so I could order a “croissant” confidently and correctly in a cute French cafe. 

Rosetta Stone’s mobile app is packed with tools to enable language learning on-the-go, and even incorporates TruAccent speech recognition technology (so you can perfect your pronunciation), hands-free audio lessons (so you can even learn while driving), recordable stories, an easy access Phrasebook, and lots more.

Regardless of whether you want to learn a new language for travel, business, or just to pick up a new skill, I think Rosetta Stone is the BEST, easiest, most thorough language-learning app out there.

AND it just got even better with the new Your Plan feature.  

Rosetta Stone just launched “Your Plan” across all Android and IOS devices – a personalized learning plan within the app based on your knowledge level of the language and your reason for learning it (so you can focus on Travel if you want to learn travel-related words for getting around a foreign country, or Work if you want to focus on business, Family if you want to refresh the basics of a language you’re vaguely familiar with, or Basics and Beyond if you’re feeling rusty and want to start from the beginning.

Through Your Plan, you’ll get short bite-sized language lessons that keep you on track of your learning daily. You’ll also get notifications to remind you to complete your lesson each day, so you won’t fall behind. 

The best part? You can do the lessons everywhere – from the couch to the commute.

Your Plan is the perfect personalized language plan you need to learn for whatever YOUR reason is for wanting to learn a language – be it advancing your business career, speaking with foreign family members, traveling, or just for fun! You can learn what’s relevant to YOU first and foremost, and it’s available in all 24 learning languages that Rosetta Stone offers like Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), English (US), English (UK), French, Japanese, Italian, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Korean, Dutch, Tagalog, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Farsi, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, and Vietnamese, and even more online!

You can choose from the following plans to personalize your lessons:

  • Travel—meeting people, dining out, staying in a hotel, directions, and locations. 
  • Family—family relationships, complements, special occasions, and general correspondence. 
  • Work—politeness in a business setting, invitations, time, money, materials, and merchandise. 
  • Basics & Beyond—everyday items, daily routine, colors, sizes, as well as formal and informal situations.

“un altro bellini per favore”, one more bellini, please!

Rosetta Stone has subscriptions for everyone and every learning level, ranging from 3 – 24 months, with affordable monthly pricing as low as $5.99! Check it out here.

*This post was sponsored by Rosetta Stone and includes affiliate links, meaning for any purchases made through these links I earn a small commission. As always, all opinions are my own and based on my own personal experiences with the product!  This just means that if you purchase or sign up, Jetset Christina, at no cost to you, you’re helping me a ton in keeping this website up and running!!


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