The 5 Best Travel Apps to Download in 2018

Trek Track

Have you ever wanted to know how much of the world you’ve covered on your travels? Trek Track is an awesome app for keeping track of your adventures both near and far, and staying in touch with friends on your trips! Check into locations across town or across the world, and collect miles in your personal tally! You can check into locations you visit, and post photos from each step of your journey on your own personalized map and share with friends.
If you see someplace awesome on your friends’ maps, you can also bookmark them for future reference.

Download Trek Track here.


Whether you’re searching for a flight, hotel, or rental car – Skyscanner is by far the best app for making sure you’re always finding the best deals. The app searches for the most affordable and best options for you in real-time through it’s many travel partners. You can even set alerts for flights you want to watch, and get an email notice when it hits the price you want. Like with Google Flights, you can see the cheapest dates to fly by viewing a month-view calendar, too. And, if you’re not sure where you want to go but just know you have to get away, the Skyscanner app lets you explore “Top Deals” from your nearest airport, as well as a huge curated list of affordable destinations of the day.

Download Skyscanner here.


How many of you have experienced some sort of culture shock while traveling? Whether it’s not knowing what type of dress is appropriate, or whether you need to be careful when giving the thumbs up sign (yes, this can sometimes mean up yours!), knowing a little about cultural norms before you go gallivanting around the world is a must for any traveler. CultureMee gives you all that information and so much more, their easy-to-use interface allows you global access to a simple cultural overview of wherever you’re traveling to, so you can understand important taboos and compare your culture to the culture you’re in. Not only that, they give you fun facts about the country and practical travel advice – like all the info you need on Visas, vaccinations, power plugs and all those frustrating travel questions that pop into your mind when planning a trip. And, my favorite part of the app, you can create your own fully integrative map of everywhere you have visited in the world, which you can share on social media.

Download Culture Mee here.


If you’re anything like me, you’re always dreaming up that next trip you want to take with your friends or family. But, planning a trip isn’t easy, especially when it comes to saving up and getting the right people on board. So wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way to make your dream trip a reality? And better yet, do it with your friends?

The good news is that is exactly what Tripcents does! Not only does this app automatically enable users to build up a travel savings fund, but it also lets them receive personalized trip recommendations (for both themselves and their friends), based on trip preferences and available budget. Super cool.

Download Tripcents here.


If you haven’t yet become addicted to HotelTonight while traveling, you are about to be. HotelTonight, which sells last-minute hotel rooms around the world at a fraction of the price, is easily one of my favorite apps to use while traveling. It’s user-friendly, beautiful, sleek, and they have tons of amazing hotels on there that you can book for an affordable price. They even sort them by levels of luxe:Basic, Solid, Charming, Hip, Luxe, and Highroller. The Highroller category can include amazing deals on penthouse suites, villas, and more. Some of the most luxurious hotels on the site offering deep discounts are the Hotel Baume and Hotel Saint Marc in Paris, or The Lalit and The Athenaeum in London. The deals available on these luxe rooms are incredible.  And, by the way, even if you’re a planner-to-a-fault like me, you can still use (and love) HotelTonight, because it’s not just for tonight – they have deals up to a couple weeks in advance of a trip, so don’t feel like you can only use the app night-of, you can even use it when you’re planning ahead! And be sure to join HotelTonight’s loyalty program- HT Perks, which gives customers better discounts the more they book. You can also get an even better deal by booking multi-night stays, and looking out for “Geo Rates” — location-based discounts.

CEO Sam Shank has said “We’ve created a system where you level up based on what you spend, and can unlock deeper discounts and special savings, but it works a lot like a game — once you hit your level, you never lose it. Once you’ve earned it, you’ve earned it.” Game on.

Download HotelTonight on Android here, or iOS here.


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