Travel Tech: The Awesome App for Meeting People While Traveling

With travel getting easier than ever (and millennials traveling more than ever before), more and more people are choosing to jet set off to faraway lands solo. Why? Well, while I love a good group trip with friends, the planning and logistics that go into planning one are enough to give even the best of travel-planners a headache. Finding a group that can all take PTO at the same time, that all want to go to the same place, and that all can agree on what to do once you get there, is almost impossible. So why not just get out there and explore the world on your own? But, of course, meeting awesome people while traveling solo is what makes it so fun… after all, who wants to go chasing waterfalls, island hopping, or exploring the Coliseum by themselves? Traveling is always better with other people.  

So when I heard there was a new app coming out this March that is set on making social networking while traveling way easier and more seamless than ever before, I got really excited. Kayu is an awesome new social travel app launching this year that brings people together based on mutual interests to give better opportunities for more fun and more affordable travel.

So imagine you’re traveling France solo for a few days, and you’ve always wanted to see the lavender fields of Provence, but the idea of trying to find a way to get there all on your own, or booking a tour all by yourself, does not appeal to you at all. Enter Kayu. It’s basically like Tinder for finding travel friends. You want to do something or go somewhere, so you find people who have similar interests to message and get in on a tour or activity together.  Now, all of the sudden, you have an awesome group of cool people to go adventure with, whether you’re roaming around France, hiking in Hawaii, wine tasting in Napa Valley, or just shopping around Singapore.  Whatever your style of travel with, the app makes it easier to find cool people who share the same interests.

Another awesome capability of the app is finding affordable lodging, or splitting lodging with a group. You can simply link up with people that are renting their place in the area you’re traveling to and find a perfect place to stay at a reduced price. Kayu doesn’t take a cut or anything like that (like Airbnb does), so locals are way more encouraged to put up their spots on here than on other places, and at better prices. If an awesome house or luxury hotel is more your style, but not something you want to do by yourself, you can also use Kayu to find  more people to split lodging costs in any hotel, bed and breakfast, or guest house.

The Kayu app doesn’t launch until March 2018 but I wanted to make sure you all heard it here first! I’ll keep you in the loop on the launch, and maybe I’ll see you all on the app!





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