The Best Self Tanner for a Vacation Glow Year Round – My go-to Sunless Tanning Spray for a Natural Tan

What’s the best tanning lotion or self-tanner around and how do you use it for a flawless, streak-less glow year-round? Whether you just got back from a week-long trip to Santorini or St. Tropez or not, we all want that mediterranean summer glow. And I finally found the BEST sunless tanner to get it. You guys often ask me about my favorite self-tanners on my Instagram, and this one is a cut above literally every other one I’ve tried.

Here’s my favorite go-to sunless tanning spray, why I love it, and exactly how to use it

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Coola Sunless Tanning Dry Mist Spray

Where to get it – here 

What makes it different than every other sunless tanner I’ve tried:

The micro-mist goes on SO evenly!! You still need to make sure you’re rubbing it in as much as possible with circular motions, and definitely let it dry for 5-10 minutes before putting any clothes on, but I was so impressed with how easy the application was. Also my trick is after the first round of spray and rubbing in with my hands, I do the same thing again but with a little lotion to make sure to ‘seal’ in the sunless tanner. One layer of spray is good for a really natural, subtle tan or you can add more sprays for a deeper shade. It doesn’t smell bad and it works so well! Worth every penny. 

It’s also a clean beauty product, meaning it’s eco-certified and natural, so you can feel good about putting it on your body. 

You guys know Coola from being the best sunscreen brand – but this product takes them to the next level. 

How to put on sunless tanner the right way:

Hold sprayer two to four inches from body and apply liberally the micro mist directly onto skin.

Rub oil onto skin in a circular motion then let dry before dressing.

I like to add in an extra rubbing with a little lotion to ‘seal’ in the tanner and then let it dry completely.

Let the tan develop for six to eight hours before showering.

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