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San Francisco Restaurants: Where to Eat & Drink in SF

San Francisco Restaurants: Where to Eat & Drink in SF

San Francisco, or as Bon Appetit likes to call it, the Best Food City in The Country, is home to some of the very best restaurants in the world.  Why?

For starters, California leads the nation in agriculture. The state alone produces more than half of the fruits, nuts, and vegetables sold in the entire country, as well as a heaping amount of the livestock and dairy (Happy cows come from California :). Take in this proximity to farm-fresh produce, throw in a beautiful world-class wine country in our backyard, and top it off with top chef talent eager to make their mark in the ultimate foodie city and it’s no wonder San Francisco continues to top restaurant charts worldwide.  The food here is so. dang. good.

Since San Francisco is my home and I’m a huge foodie, I thought it’d be helpful for you all if I started a Jetset Christina Bay Area Eats restaurants series where I feature some of my very favorite restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Here is where you’ll find reviews on all the up-and-coming SF restaurants you need to try.  Can’t wait to share many memorable meals (and glasses of Napa cab) with you all! Cheers!

Where to Eat in SF Right Now:

Bar Bocce, Sausalito

Kokkari, San Francisco

Zuni, San Francisco

Nopa, San Francisco

Don Pisto’s, San Francisco

The Dorian, San Francisco

The Commissary, Presidio, San Francisco

Pizzaiolo, Oakland

Mission Heirloom, Berkeley

Okane, San Francisco



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