5 Tricks to Packing the Perfect Summer Weekend Carry-on with Lo & Sons

1. Have the perfect carry-on bag

It goes without saying that perfect packing organization starts with the perfect bag. When it comes to carry-on’s, Lo & catalina weekenderSons gives more thought and attention to detail than any other bag brand I’ve come across. Their Catalina Deluxe weekender is my absolute favorite weekender!

The canvas material is chic and sturdy and the endless compartments and details make it a one-of-a-kind carry on. The bag features a zipper pocket on the front, a messenger strap with memory foam padding, and even a back panel sleeve to slide over your roller bag luggage handles, for easy transport. And the zippered shoe shelf at the bottom is a game-changer — making it so you can store your shoes, toiletries, or dirty clothes separate from the rest of the bag. With that level of detail and organization, I swear every time I pack this bag I feel a bit like Mary Poppins… The Catalina can hold absolutely everything, all while still fitting comfortably in the overhead bin.


Lo & Sons Catalina Weekender, available in two sizes: large, as seen here and a smaller version for more of an overnight/gym bag.

2.  Narrow down your shoes to 3 pairs

I like to pack one pair of tennies, for working out, one pair of sandals, for everyday wear, and one pair of heels, to dress up for dinner/going out. I’ll wear the sneakers on the plane, since they take up the most space, and I’ll put the other two pairs in the Catalina Weekender bag’s handy dandy shoe shelf.

Kate Spade Caryl Sandals: Available here. Sperry seacoast sneakers: Available 3. Always pack a swimsuit

If you’re like me, you’ll find water wherever you go. Sometimes, even when you don’t think there will be a pool at your destination, you’ll end up in a hot tub. It’s always smart to pack a bikini (or two, or three) for any getaway.

4. Keep all of your important things in a smaller travel crossbody

The quality & craftsmanship of Lo & Sons products are what keep them top of mind for me when it comes to travel bags. Their Pearl Crossbody is the ideal smaller travel purse to keep all of your documents (passport, itineraries, hotel confirmations) as well as your phone, iPad, headphones, wallet and all other essentials separate from the rest of your stuff.

Dress sold out here! Similar available here & here. Watch available here. Sunglasses by Dolce & Gabbana on sale here. Passport case by Kate Spade, similar here""” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>here. Crossbody by Lo & Sons, available here.

5. Dresses are key

I love packing dresses for my weekends because they take up less space than other outfits, and they can be dressed down or up (or taken day to night). This summer, my favorite look is a beautiful white dress with brown sandals and a sun hat.

Check out some of my favorite outfits for a wine country weekend on this post here


Keep these tips in mind when packing for your weekend trips & you’ll be all set! Where are you all headed to soak up the sun this summer?







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