Kenny Flowers : Behind the Brand, Colombia Edition

I know sometimes on Instagram it can seem like running a vacationwear business is just photo-shooting fun clothes with our friends on vacation, and, trust me, that is definitely one of the best parts, but there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes (and seams) in making Kenny Flowers & Watercolors by KF that is the real reason we love doing what we do so much. We usually spend a couple months every year on the ground with our incredible boutique, women-run factory in Colombia, designing and perfecting every swimsuit. Over the past few years, these women have become like family to us. They took a chance on a small brand with a big dream, and we took a chance on a small factory with a big dream, too. We’ve grown so much together. And, over the past few years, we’ve helped their small family-run factory grow to now employ more than 50+ employees, as well as give transformative business and orders to hundreds more vendors. 

Each time we’re down there, the factory is sure to tell us what Kenny Flowers means to them, to their employees, and to the hundreds of families that YOUR orders are helping, every day. The last time we were in Medellín, one of the heads of the factory told me a story about the woman that hand-ties every single one of our tags to our suits. She works from home, and, before working for our factory, she couldn’t work, because she is a single mom and has to stay home to care for a sick child. Because of our (really YOUR) business, she’s able to make a living, and be the breadwinner for her family. I think of her now and smile every single time I see our tags. And there are countless stories like that. Countless people and families that you don’t even realize you are helping so much with every ‘add to cart’. It’s amazing.

Today, we launched our Behind the Brand for Colombia. We’ve been doing this Behind the Brand series on Kenny Flowers to show all of the incredible, beautiful people that are behind the clothes you love to wear, as well as the stories, and the process that we go through to make every single piece of clothing for Kenny Flowers and Watercolors.

We’re doing things very differently than any other brand that’s come before us, and we think that’s what makes our clothes so special. Why you feel so good wearing them. Kenny Flowers clothes truly embody the cultures they are inspired by, and the dreams of the people behind every stitch. How magical is that?

To us, being ‘ethically made’ isn’t just about using the right sustainable fabrics and minimizing plastic (though we do that, too!), ‘ethically made’ means making a real difference in the communities we choose to manufacture in. And for our customers. 

We hope that learning more about why we choose to make our clothes in Bali and Colombia, and about the wonderful people in our factories, serves as inspiration to channel the feel-good Bali and Colombia energy each time you wear KF, and to go out and make it a better day. 

Enjoy the series (watch it below!!!!)

Christina & Kenny

Part 1:


Part 2:



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