How to Travel in Style

I’ve never been able to sit still for long, and, with my undying urge to travel the world, I’ve stopped trying to fight it. With family all over California, my alma mater in North Carolina, and a boyfriend across the country, I’m flying all the time. It’s not like I’m George Clooney or anything, but I sure do find myself Up in the Air a lot.
Traveling, especially internationally or across the country, can be exhausting. But who wants to start their amazing vacations looking and feeling like they just pulled a college-library-style all-nighter?  With these easy tips, I’ll make sure you take on your next flight like a pro and arrive in paradise looking glam, refreshed & ready for your adventure.

drink lots of water

This is key. Water will keep you hydrated and keep your skin glowing.  I always bring an empty water bottle with me in my purse as I go through security, then fill it up on my way to the gate so I always have water with me (and don’t have to waste $5 on a bottle once I’m at the gates). It’s also nice so you don’t have to wait an hour for the flight attendants to finally quench your thirst.

pack your moisturizer

Your skin dries out with the recycled air on the plane when you’re 30,000 feet up in the sky! Don’t wear too much makeup, as it will just cake up with the plane’s dehydrating dry air. Your best bet is a lot of moisturizer and a smooth layer of sparingly applied foundation. And, of course, always have chapstick or lip balm.

comfortably chic

Sweats are a no-no. but that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to break out your sky-high heels to fly the friendly skies. My favorite travel outfits are usually leggings and boots, a big scarf, or a casual dress. Always pack a sweater as those planes get freezing! I also like to use the sweater as something to rest my head on if I’m planning on sleeping.


Don’t look like you fell out of bed and got thrown into a new city. Sunglasses, jewelry, and scarves can do wonders.
I like these travel necessities:


text_planeTraveling does not need to be a high-stress activity. Get lots of sleep the night before, arrive early for your flight, check your bags, cruise through security, and relax on the plane. Think of it more as a couple of hours to catch up on Revenge or Homeland instead of thinking of it as an inconvenience. Chatty Cathy or a crying baby next to you? Noise canceling headphones will be your savior. If you love movies, plan ahead and download a few onto your iPad or phone. If you love music, make sure you have your flight playlists ready to go. If tabloids are your guilty pleasure, treat yourself and buy some at the airport newstand.  Kick back, relax, and enjoy your ‘me’ time in the sky. If you hydrate, relax, organize and accessorize, you’re guaranteed to look happy and fresh when you land, and ready for wherever your next adventure takes you.


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