How to help Napa Valley and California Wine Country Wildfire Victims

Last week, one of my very favorite places in the world, Napa Valley, suffered the deadliest stretch of wildfires in California’s history.  As you all know, I pretty much live in wine country when I’m back home in the states, so I have a heavy heart this week learning that at least 41 people have died due to aggressive wildfires in Northern California’s Napa, Sonoma, Yuba and Mendocino counties. The fires have destroyed at least 5,700 homes and businesses as hundreds of firefighters are still fighting the fires in an attempt to stem the blazes which have in total burned more than 330 square miles.

Despite the chaos and devastation, life in Napa Valley must go on, and I think we can all help it to!

Some of my favorite wineries were miraculously untouched by the fires, and have already reopened for business, and they want to make one thing clear to everyone who’s wondering how they can help:

Visit wine country!

Part of the recovery process is a return to normalcy and, for those affected by the fires, going back to work can be a vital part of that process. After all, the grapes must be picked and the wines must be made!!! This month, many wineries are donating 100% of tasting fees to funds for fire relief, such as some of my favorites, HALL St. HelenaHALLRutherford WALT Sonoma. Now, more than ever, the wineries, hotels and restaurants in Napa and Sonoma would love to see you and show their appreciation for your support. If you need tips on where to eat, drink and stay in Napa, read my Napa Valley post for inspiration and details on all of my favorites.

If you’re not in the area, here are some links to help by donating whatever you can:

Give to fire relief!

One wonderful thing that has come out of tragedy is all of the amazing stories of heroes and resilience (Have you seen the story of Safari West’s owner saving 1000 animals over his own home? Or the video of the dog that was waiting for its owner among their house’s rubble after the fire?). Not to mention the hundreds of stories of heroism among neighbors, firefighters and friends dropping everything to help one another. In the darkest times come some of the brightest stories, and I’m confident that, through the help of everyone who loves Napa & Sonoma as much as I do, we can make a big difference in helping California wine country come back from this devastation with flying colors (and flowing wine).





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