4 Reasons Why You Should Switch to a Mineral-based SPF This Summer

Natural beauty is having a major moment in the sun this year. Many people are choosing to opt for mineral-based sunscreens because they do not contain the harmful chemicals that toxic sunscreens do.

So, if you haven’t already switched from the toxic moisturizers clogging up your makeup drawer (and your pores!), it’s about time! I felt like when I switched to a mineral-based skin routine, it was literally like doing a complete skin reset. What goes on your skin absorbs into your bloodstream and is carried throughout your body. So why is it that we are far more scrutinizing about what we put in our body than what we put on top of it?

There are a ton of negative effects of all the chemicals in the skin products that you are slathering on and rubbing in every day, ranging from skin irritation, chronic headaches, cancers, breathing disabilities, hormone disruption, etc, etc, etc. (yikes!!!)  There are countless reasons why you should make the change to natural, mineral-based sunscreens, but here are 5 reasons to convince you why switching to a mineral spf like Blue Lizard this summer is the right move.

1. All-natural SPF’s are made from minerals!

Mineral-based sunscreens like Blue Lizard sunscreen contain the valuable minerals zinc and titanium, these minerals act as a physical barrier blocking UV rays from your skin. This is different from chemical sunscreens process of actually absorbing these rays and then neutralizing once on your skin. 

2. Mineral sunscreens nourish your skin while protecting it

Mineral sunscreens help to protect your skin while simultaneously soothing and nourishing it while you’re in the sun. Chemical sunscreens, on the other hand, tend to clog our pores at the expense of protection.  The UV ray blocking agent titanium in mineral sunscreens acts as a shield without being absorbed into the skin, while Zinc contains healing, anti viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties providing overall protection for all skin types including acne-prone and sensitive skin.

3. Chemical Sunscreens May Trigger Skin Reactions and Acne

Physical barrier mineral sunscreens, on the other hand, are less likely to be pore-clogging, making them ideal for blemish-prone skin types and a perfect sunscreen for those prone to acne. 

4. Toxic sunscreens aren’t just hurting your body – they’re hurting our environment!

Yup. That toxic sunscreen you’re slathering all over your and your families’ bodies is damaging our precious endangered coral reefs.  Several ingredients commonly found in sunscreens (especially oxybenzone) have been proven to pollute coral reefs. The chemical reaches the oceans not only from people swimming in those waters wearing the sunscreen but also from municipal sewage lines and coastal systems that carry contaminated water from pools and deposit it offshore.

OK – You’ve convinced me. Now where do I buy a mineral-based sunscreen?

Choosing & buying a mineral-based sunscreen is the easiest part! My favorite is Blue Lizard – an australian brand that has sport, sensitive, and regular options. I opt for the sensitive kind and always buy it on Amazon!

*This post was sponsored by Blue Lizard sunscreen. All opinions as always are my own & based on my experiences. 


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