The Top 10 Trendiest Destinations of 2018, According to Google

Google recently released its Year in Search report, which ranks the trends in global news, entertainment, and cultural moments, but you can guess which part of the report I went straight to… THE TOP TRAVEL DESTINATIONS, of course.

This top 10 Destinations list is based on user data of the highest spike in search terms this year compared to last year. (Read: the trendiest vacay spots), and it features some big European behemoths, US cities, as well as some smaller destinations. I hope this gives you all some 2019 travel planning ideas!

1. Italy

Ah, AGREED, world! Is there any destination better than Italy? I just visited The Amalfi Coast this summer, and let me tell you, it may just be the best vacation destination in the world. So perfect for honeymoons, romantic getaways, or family vacations. Endless wine, pasta, pizza, beaches, accents, romance! Italy has everything!

2. Paris, France

Paris’s tourism is on a hot streak right now, and its easy to see why. Paris is everything you want in a European vacation, summed up in one beautiful, magical city. History, views, sightseeing, shopping, cobblestone streets. Paris is pure magic, and it’s definitely on top of my 2019 travel bucketlist.

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3. Iceland

Iceland’s tourism popularity isn’t slowing down any time soon. Did you know that fifteen years ago, barely 200,000 people visited Iceland? This year, more than 1.5 Million people will travel there (up 35% over last) and the number of US visitors alone will outnumber the locals in the country. Crazy!

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4. Bahamas

Could Exuma’s instagram famous swimming pigs be the reason the Bahamas are on the list of the trendiest destinations of the year? Probably. But the Bahamas is not only breathtakingly beautiful (it’s made up of 700 gorgeous islands surrounded by crystal-clear Caribbean waters), but it’s also easily accessible from the states, making it the ideal sunny Caribbean getaway for Americans.

5. Ireland

Ireland has experienced a huge boost in tourism this year, with more than 3 million trips to Ireland occurring in just the last 3 months. The small European country is wonderfully rich with natural beauty and unique culture, making it the perfect travel destination for families, couples, groups and solo travelers alike.

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6. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is booming. This year, the Vegas Golden Knights hockey team reached the Stanley Cup Finals, giving the city its first major professional sports experience. At the south end of the Strip, a $1.8 billion domed stadium for the National Football League’s Raiders is under construction and could host the Super Bowl as early as 2023, and international tourists are coming in record numbers to experience the allure of Sin City and try their luck at the Las Vegas casinos (this year more Asian tourists than ever before visited Las Vegas, and it’s expected to grow even more in 2019).

7. Bora Bora

Ah, Bora Bora. It’s definitely one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world, but this year it became much more than that. It became a hot spot for all kinds of travelers willing to trek from far and wide to get a taste of the French Polynesian paradise. If you’re planning a trip there, my pick of resorts is the this one, or this one. They’re both to-die-for.

8. New York

New York City isn’t going anywhere when it comes to reigning tourism in the USA. This big, bold, beautiful city is a magnet for international and domestic travelers alike.

9. New Orleans

New Orleans is the home of jazz, partying, and delicious food. So it is no wonder why travelers, both domestically and internationally, are infatuated with this place. I’m going to go ahead and bet it continues to climb the ranks in 2019, as more international tourists choose to visit the small Louisiana city.

10. Spain

No surprise to me that Spain is climbing the list of trendy destinations for 2019. We spent two weeks in Spain this Summer and I had the bestBarcelona time. is pure magic, and I was blown away by Spain’s Costa Brava – which may just be Europe’s best kept secret.

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and if you’re wondering about MY top 10 destinations of 2018? Check out my post Jetset Awards: The Best Resorts I stayed in 2018.



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