How to Find the Perfect Virtual Assistant to Scale Your Business – My Experience Using NexusPoint

If you feel like you’re constantly juggling a million things at once as an entrepreneur, influencer, or business owner, you’re not alone. In today’s fast-paced world, the role of a virtual assistant (VA) has become increasingly vital for entrepreneurs and small businesses. With so much to do and constantly feeling like I don’t have enough hours in the day, tapping into the power of a virtual assistant has become vital in growing my business efficiently and cost-effectively! Last year, a friend recommended a VA agency to me and after one conversation with NexusPoint, I knew it would be a perfect fit for finding affordable and efficient help in running and scaling my business as a blogger and business owner. 

What is a Virtual Assistant? And Why do I need one?

Having a virtual assistant is like unlocking a new level of productivity and efficiency in your business. You can hire a VA to handle any and all time-consuming tasks – like administrative support, blog research, data entry, calendaring, email maintenance, or more specialized roles like bookkeeping, graphic design, SEO, digital marketing and list goes on. They can even help you with personal tasks or those things that just keep nagging you like booking your appointments or keeping up with personal tasks. They really are there for WHATEVER you need – it’s amazing!!! And being able to outsource the annoying things getting in the way of my creativity every day is exactly what I was looking for! Having a virtual assistant for my business means those time-consuming, often tedious tasks are handled by someone I can fully trust. For me, it’s freed up precious time to focus on what I do best – creating content, planning out our next travel, building my travel agency and helping my husband grow our Kenny Flowers business. Plus, the cost-effectiveness of hiring a VA (especially for a busy mom/entrepreneur like myself) makes it worth their weight in gold.

Why I hired a VA with NexusPoint

I found out about NexusPoint through a friend who had used it for their business (they are a content creator and influencer) and she SWORE by them, so I knew I had to have a conversation. Deciding to go with NexusPoint for hiring my first virtual assistant was easy when I learned this company was founded entrepreneurs like myself. Both Mike and Brandon have found amazing success in their field scaling businesses and focusing on back-office operations specialists serving various industries and provides a white glove, consultative approach. NexusPoint is not just any virtual assistant service you find off the internet. These guys are there for you – you’ll LOVE chatting with them from your first intro call (if you tell them Jetset Christina sent you, they don’t even charge for an intro discovery call and will give you all of the info you need to decide if a VA is right for you!). They have built and scaled their businesses using outsourced operations, so they genuinely understand the ins and outs of growing a business efficiently. They have now made it their mission to help entrepreneurs and small business owners scale in an efficient, cost-effective manner, and you feel that passion and care throughout working with them.

I can’t recommend The NexusPoint team enough – they will help you find the absolute perfect fit for your unique business. And, the best part is they are there the whole way with you, checking in, there to help if your assistant needs specialized training, and managing all of the nitty gritty of the HR/hours tracking aspect of having someone working for you. 

The cost of hiring a VA 

What got me really interested in NexusPoint is how they can find you highly-qualified outsourced help at about 30% of the cost of US-based hires without skimping on quality! They cater to a range of needs, from entry-level VAs to high-level strategic positions. You can see the list below.

List of Nexus Point's Virtual Assistants specializations


What sets NexusPoint apart from other VA agencies is their comprehensive approach. They don’t just drop a candidate into your lap and disappear. They’re with you – training, onboarding, supporting, weekly check up and mentoring (which you don’t have to do yourself because they got it all figured out for you!!) The VAs they recommend come from global talent pools in countries like the Philippines and the Dominican Republic, so you have a lot of options in choosing top-notch skills to the table. Nexus Point also ensures they’re equipped and ready with everything. The virtual assistant I hired from them is provided by a company laptop, an external monitor, a sound cancelling headset and access to needed softwares and app  – yes, they’re that ready! Because who wants technical glitches when you’re working with people from the other side of the world, right?

My Experience with NexusPoint: From Initial Call to Perfect Match

My journey with NexusPoint started with a call with Mike and he listened (really listened!!) to all of my unique business needs and helped me come up with ways that a VA could best help my business. I loved his consultative, strategic approach. They truly get into the nitty-gritty and when I told them I was ready to move forward with finding a VA, they created a complete profile of what I wanted and needed for my personal brand, what I like to accomplish, and most importantly, what I envision for my business.

Then came the exciting part – meeting the candidates. I love how NexusPoint’s process is like a fine-tuned matchmaking service. They went through hundreds of qualified candidates on their end but only presented me with best of the best, cream of the crop candidates who weren’t just skilled but also aligned with the vibes and spirit of Jetset Christina!! It’s not just about finding a virtual assistant, it’s about finding a VA who gets you and your business.

The Hiring Process of Finding the Perfect VA 

Step 1: Initial Consultation on Job Description 

NexusPoint works with you to really get the full picture of what you are looking for in your ideal team member. They dive into all the details – the responsibilities, the must-haves, and the unique skills that set someone apart. With this insight, they will provide you with a thorough job descirption that you’ll confirm matches what you’re looking for. They make it SO easy on you. 

Schedule an intro call with Mike here and find out how you can scale your business with a VA! Mention Jetset Christina sent you for a complimentary discovery call.

Step 2: Sourcing the Perfect Addition to Your Team

Once the job description is finalized, they dive into multiple recruitment avenues – like job boards, social media, professional networks, and they even have their own exclusive candidate hub. This dynamic approach lets you choose in a diverse pool of potentials and helps business owners find the perfect fit for the role.

Step 3: Candidate Screening and Interviews

Then comes the candidate selection process. Think of it as curating the best travel experiences. NexusPoint screened hundreds of resumes and conducted multiple video interviews. I was then presented with the top candidates, just like being given with a shortlist of the best destinations to explore.

Step 4: Testing & Case Studies

Following the resume check, they the put qualified candidates through an aptitude test that focuses on problem-solving, critical thinking, and learning skills making sure you get the best fit for your business.

Step 5: In-depth Interview

They do another round of deep-dive interviews with the top-notch candidates to get a handle on their qualifications, work history, skills, and vibe.  

Step 6: Client Interview and Final Selection 

Now, they bring you in the process too for an interview and final selection. Here, you get to ask potential candidates about how they go about their task, what are their process, or anything you feel like asking that’s relevant to the role.

And after interviewing multiple candidates, NexusPoint helped me drill down to a final candidate. My very first VA! But it didn’t just end here. Their team didn’t just hand over the reins at this point. They continue to manage and support me and my VA, checking in with how the team is adjusting, facilitated regular meet-ups and provided all the necessary tools, ensuring a smooth take-off. 

The Benefits of Outsourcing a VA

If you’re thinking about hiring a VA but not sure if it’s right for you, just imagine having a trusted sidekick who handles ALL of your most time-consuming tasks – from cleaning up your email inbox. scheduling calls with clients, maintaining blogs to be current, to managing your website, managing emails to scheduling, social media management, video editing, social media editing, copywriting, and beyond!! Hiring a VA is like giving yourself the gift of time, allowing you to focus on the big picture – growing your business, strategizing, and yes, even sneaking in that well-deserved break (and more travels with the fam!!). It’s not just about delegating, it’s about empowering your business to thrive while keeping your work-life balance in check. These are the top reasons why I hired a Virtual Assistant through NexusPoint:

Finding a Perfect VA for My Business

NexusPoint’s approach was not about just filling a position but finding the right candidate who resonated with my brand and who Jetset Christina is. As I’ve said, it felt like it was a personalized matchmaking process which for me is sooo important when investing in outsourcing people to help you with your business. 

Affordable Help for My Business

Outsourcing a VA at an affordable price pays for itself right away. Hiring a VA through NexusPoint costs about 30% of hiring a local employee in the US, without compromising on the quality of work.

Access to Global Talent

The diverse talent pool that NexusPoint found for me brought fresh perspectives and skills to my business, like having a creative person do your graphics, being on-brand in all your content designs, or having a problem-solver, tech expert handle all your tech need for website and blog.

More Focus for Business

With my VA handling administrative tasks, research, and other operational activities, I am able to focus more on what i love doing – writing, photography, and traveling! Bringing a VA on board allows me to focus on core business-related things, like strategic growth and planning what’s next for my company.

Ongoing Support

One of my favorite things about working with NexusPoint is the continuous support and training resources they provide at no extra cost for my VA, ensuring a productive working relationship every step of the way. The last thing I have time for as the owner of a company is time to hand-hold, and they really do so much of that for you, which is a huge plus to me. 

WHY YOU NEED A VA, Yesterday!

Hiring a VA was a total business unlock for me. It was more than just hiring extra help; it was about finding someone who helps me achieve my business goals and takes the load off my shoulders! Hiring a VA is the smartest investment in your business’s future that you can make. 

Schedule an intro call with Mike here and find out how you can scale your business with a VA! Mention Jetset Christina sent you for a complimentary discovery call.


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