How Millennials Are Merging Business Travel with Personal Travel with TravelBank

For Millennials in today’s digital age, travel is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. With pictures of exotic destinations and adrenaline-pumping adventures constantly flooding our social media feeds, we’re no longer striving to keep up with the Joneses with nice houses and shiny new cars, we’re striving to one-up the Joneses with exotic vacations and envy-inducing lifestyles.

All while juggling our full-time jobs. 

Have you noticed how much Millennials are traveling? This past weekend, to put things into perspective, while I was flying across the Pacific on my way back from Bora Bora, one of my best friends was in London instagramming pictures of Big Ben, while another was cooking up s’mores on a glamping trip outside of San Francisco, while one friend was winery-hopping in Mexico’s Valle De Guadalupe, and yet another was soaking up the sun in Cartagena after doing business in Colombia. And, yes, they all have office jobs. So how do they do it?

Most Millennials are traveling not in spite of, but because of, those full-time jobs. Travel experiences have become so intertwined in all of our lives that we’ve evolved from a focus on work/life balance into a full-on work/life blend.  In fact, Expedia found that Millennial employees are 62% more likely than our older counterparts to extend business vacations into an opportunity to see more of the world while on their company’s dime. Who’s to say you can’t check off a personal bucket list while traveling on business? 

Enter the TravelBank app. 

“Travel Bank is made by the modern business traveler, for the modern business traveler,” said Lauren Vitek, avid traveler and Head of Customer Success at TravelBank


What TravelBank does is game-changing – it encourages employees to save their company money on travel expenses by rewarding them personally  when they do. The app will algorithmically calculate what a business trip budget should cost (based on location, dates, hotel rates, cost of food in a certain city, among other things), and give you a “budget” for the trip. When you beat that budget, you get 50% of what you saved in Travel Bank rewards. So if you decide on a cheaper flight, take Uber or Lyft versus a car rental, etc, you’re saving your company and earning yourself rewards, which can be redeemed for personal travel on things like AirBnb, Uber, Lyft, and food & entertainment. Hence why it’s called your “Travel Bank”- all of your savings is yours to spend however you want — which, for most of us, is on travel.

And, no, your company doesn’t have to adopt the software before you do. You can start using it (and earning rewards) today, and can even link it to your Concur or Expensify account if that’s what your company is currently using.

It’s the first modern business travel solution with expenses, booking, and rewards all in one sophisticated platform, and it’s the first that puts the needs and incentives of the traveler first.

TravelBank Flights offering, which just launched this week, also has direct booking partnerships with the majority of all major airlines, both international and domestic, and is able to do more than search aggregators like Kayak or Expedia, utilizing these direct airline relationships to get discounted fares that smaller and medium-sized businesses wouldn’t have been able to negotiate on their own.

You can also do awesome things within the app such as see which colleagues are on your flight (and sit with them if you want to) or get personalized recommendations on flights and travel based on the AI’s machine-learning of your preferences on things like flight times, amenities, wifi, and entertainment.

TravelBank also features in-app 24/7 customer service… so it’s basically like having your own travel agent at your beck-and-call 24 hours a day. And, the best part, of course, is all the rewards that you can earn just by booking through the app, which can then be redeemed for personal use with rewards partners including Uber, Lyft, RedAwning and more.

Here’s to apps like TravelBank helping us all turn business into a lifestyle.

Download the free app here and start earning rewards.



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