Top 10 Summer Beach Reads of 2021

If you’re anything like me, a good beach read and a great vacation go hand in hand. There is nothing quite as satisfying as disappearing under your sun hat for a relaxing day with a good book in your hands. So grab the sunscreen, make yourself a spritz and get comfy next to your favorite body of water with one of these hot page-turners! From rom-com style steamy love affairs to historical fiction, we’ve narrowed down the best books for swoon-worthy summer reading!


The Paris Secret 

by Natasha Lester

We couldn’t put this book down. This novel follows the lives of two sisters as they navigate love, loss and the unexpected duties that are thrust upon them during WW2. This novel explores the hidden past of Cathrine Dior, Christian Dior’s sister and the lengths women had to go to for almost no recognition to help the war cause-like piloting planes and crossing enemy lines. Plus a few steamy love stories don’t hurt.

Beach Read 

by Emily Henry

A quintessential summer beach read that can make you laugh and cry at the same time. This story follows two writers as they spend the summer together trying to get past their writer’s block by writing in each other’s genre. This is an absolute MUST!

Sex and Vanity 

by Kevin Kwan

Everyone knows I’m a sucker for an Italian summer, so even if we can’t travel there this summer, we can escape into Kevin Kwan’s, the author of Crazy Rich Asians (my FAV), latest work. This sparkly tale that begins on the Italian island of Capri. Lucie Churchill is the daughter of a white father and an American-born Chinese mother, who finds herself torn between two men—one who will appease her American family, and one who intrigues her.

The Summer Job

by Lizzy Dent

Ever wanted to run away to Scotland and be a sommelier? I mean, it sounds pretty nice to me. This story is about a girl who pretends to be her best friend and takes a job at a Scottish Hotel that she blew off. Pretending to be someone else all summer might not be too hard, but what about falling in love with someone who thinks you are someone else! WHAT COULD GO WRONG?!

The Kindest Lie 

by Nancy Johnson

When Ruth gets pregnant as a teenager, she gives up her son for adoption and leaves town for an Ivy League education, hoping they’re both on a path toward better things. But she never really gets over him, so when her husband wants to start a family years later, she’s drawn back home to find out what happened to her baby…

No One Is Talking About This: A Novel

by Patricia Lockwood

This is an all too familiar story about a woman who earns social media fame and wonders about what “the portal” is doing to society, her brain, and the people who use it. It’s bizarre, oddly funny, at times piercing and absolutely a must-read for all of us social media fanatics!!

When the Stars Go Dark

When the Stars Go Dark: A Novel by [Paula McLain]

By Paula McLain

Paula McLain is the author of my all-time favorite novel The Paris Wife and her newest novel is one of her best yet. It weaves together actual missing persons cases and trauma theory to explore the meaning of fate, redemption, mystery, and human connection. She’s so talented, and this one is a must!

Klara and The Sun 

by Kazuo Ishiguro

The first novel by Kazuo Ishiguro since he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, tells the story of Klara, an Artificial Friend with outstanding observational qualities, who, from her place in the store, watches carefully the behavior of those who come in to browse.  Taking place in a dystopian nearish future, this book offers a look at our changing world and explores the question of what it really means to love. 

Park Avenue Summer

By Renea Rosen

Mad Men meets Devil Wears Prada. AKA you need this book now. This story brings you right into the glitz and glamour of 1965 New York! The book follows single girl Alice Weiss, who leaves her small town for big city dreams in Manhattan, where she unexpectedly lands the job of a lifetime working for Helen Gurley Brown, the first female editor-in-chief of a then-failing Cosmopolitan magazine.

The Siren 

by Kathrine St. John

Escape to a secluded Caribbean island with this juicy beach read you won’t be able to get enough of. The story follows a low budget movie that is being filmed on the island, and it just so happens that all the major players have secrets and ulterior motivations for working on the film. 

Okay 2 more because I can’t stop at top 10…

The Vanishing Half 

by Britt Bennett

Powerful and moving story about sisterhood, race, privilege and identity. The hype is real on this one and the writing is truly poetic. 


by Angie Hockman

Rom-Com set in the Galapagos Islands…count me in! This is great for anyone with extreme wanderlust! Two work rivals go on a company cruise to collect intel for an upcoming job proposal which only one of them will land…

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