Our Stay at the Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach

The Four Seasons Palm Beach Resort is the perfect USA travel destination for anyone looking for a bit of luxury and a lot of relaxation. Whether you’re traveling as a couple, with a group of friends, or as a family with kids or a baby, this resort should be on top your list when visiting Palm Beach.

We recently stayed at the Four Seasons Palm Beach traveling as a family with a toddler and it could not have been more perfect for our trip. This hotel is super family-friendly, while also being luxurious, exclusive, and chic. The decor and DETAILS throughout the beautiful resort make you feel special, and just embody Palm Beach. From the warm welcome at the door to the endless ocean views that seem to stretch forever, to the food, the pools, and the rooms, a stay at FS Palm Beach is going to impress you at every corner.  Best of all, my 1.5 year old son had the best time of his life, which means mom and dad did too! 


This is a resort that definitely knows how to make families happy. But don’t worry, even if you’re not coming with kids, you’ll still fall in love with this hotel. There’s an adults only pool, and plenty of areas to stretch out in away from the familis.

Here’s the inside scoop on our honest hotel review of the Four Seasons Palm Beach.

The Four Seasons PB has some of the BEST restaurants 

Whether it’s a fancy dinner, a lazy beach lunch, or breakfast with a view, eating here is all a whole new experience on its own that make vacations unforgettable. With dining options that cater to just about everything from Mediterranean, Latin to Asian cuisine, this resort definitely knows how to spoil you. 



Florie’s is like taking a mini-trip to the Mediterranean, thanks to its team-up with superstar chef Mauro Colagreco. Think fresh, think local, and get ready for dishes cooked on live-fire that are all about the bright and bold flavors of the Riviera. Book here.


Seaway is your go-to for all things seafood with a side of stunning ocean views. Their signature dish, the Tuna and Salmon Chirashi is amazing!! What I love is the laid-back but chic vibes, perfect for those moments when you want to eat with your eyes on the horizon.

Moody Tongue Sushi

The Four Seasons Palm Beach also offers the finest Japanese cuisine that you can enjoy with a beer that’s from a Michelin-starred brewery! Sushi lovers can enjoy a lavish 15-course of some of the best sushis you’ll ever taste. Book Moody Tongue’s 15 course Omakase menu here! 

Their Spa is ultra luxe

No vacation is complete without that ultimate spa treatment, and their West Palm Beach Spa is THE personal oasis of calm. Inspired by the healing powers of the sea and using the finest local ingredients, the spa offers a sanctuary where wellness meets indulgence. Whether it’s a revitalizing Seed to Skin facial (all natural!) or their Oceanique body treatments, the spa experience here definitely upgraded our vacation to a whole new level!!

Is the Four Seasons Palm Beach good for kids?

Absolutely! The Four Seasons Palm Beach shines when it comes to entertaining littles. Complete with water sports, beach sports/games, and a complimentary ‘Kids for All Seasons’ program that gives parents time for a romantic dinner (!!!). They even have a ‘Toddler Room’ for toddlers where they can play and explore to their heart’s content while the family pool offers splashy fun with stunning ocean views. Harrison LOVED it here. Be sure to check out all of their family-friendly amenities here



They have the most beautiful beachfront in Palm Beach

The benefit of staying at the Four Seasons is the beach! The Four Seasons Palm Beach boasts one of the most pristine stretches of sand. Plus the five-star attentive service of the resort that caters to your every need, from setting up your sun lounger to refreshing your drink. Bliss!

In short, our stay at the Four Seasons Palm Beach was amazing. From top-notch food, beautiful pools, 5-star service, cozy rooms to the best beach views and fun times for the kiddo, it checked all the boxes for a memorable family vacay. And was the perfect relaxing stop on a trip to Florida where we also did Disney World! (an amazing combo, if you ask me!)

Check out rates for your dates at Four Seasons Palm Beach!



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