How to Experience Singapore Like a Local with The Local Fella Guides


How to Experience Singapore Like a Local with The Local Fella Guides

The vibrant cosmopolitan city-state of Singapore has skyrocketed to worldwide fame for its natural and technological beauty, its melting pot of cultures, and its world-class economic prowess in shipping and banking. Since its independence from the British in 1965, Singapore has risen to become one of the world’s most affluent cities – and tourists are taking notice. Last year, it ranked the #7 most visited city in the world, in company with tourism behemoths like Paris, Dubai, New York, and London.

But with so much to do in this spirited city-state, it can be quite intimidating to start planning your trip… which is where The Local Fella Guides come in.

Skyline Gardens by The Bay

Martin & Carlene, a married couple born & raised in Singapore, help you navigate the beautiful place they call home by designing customized travel guides completely catered to your individual preferences. Being avid travelers themselves who value authentic local experiences, they spend hours researching and creating a database of ideas and information for their clients. So you don’t have to.

No more culling over huge bulky guide books… No more laborious research. They take the weight off of your shoulders and design your perfect trip… designed to each individual’s preferences. I personally love this concept. Especially when it comes to navigating a culture you are unfamiliar with. There’s nothing like being able to trust in locals to tell you all the ins and outs and the do’s and don’t’s of a city.

Why customizable travel guides?

Traditional mass-produced travel itineraries and guidebooks are severely lacking in personalization. When it comes to planning the perfect trip, The Local Fella understands the value in customizing to your preferences and going beyond the typical tourist must-sees. It’s not about feeling locked into a fixed itinerary, it’s about the freedom in deciding what you want to do and how you want to do it.  They also pride themselves on being completely impartial, as they do not accept any commissions or payments for anything recommended in your guide. They truly believe in working to the best interests of the traveller, and recommending activities to you based on your preferences.

What does a guide look like?

Your guide works well in all formats – desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, or hard copy. Again, its all about what works for you.  Here’s an example of what your guide will look like (flip through to see each of the pages).



How much does a personalized The Local Fella guide cost?

Pricing is from $19-$49, depending on the length of your trip. Find all the information you need on their website here.


How long will it take me to get my personalized guide?

Within 5 days! No worries, all you frantic last minute planners! 🙂


How do I get my guide?

Check out the links to the pricing and questionnaires here. Once you fill it out and submit payment via paypal, your guide will be in your inbox in 5 days.


Happy traveling!


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